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Web Development in Orange County

At Urban Geko, our Orange County web development team of professionals creates beautiful web masterpieces on a daily basis. Our websites can range from simple brochure websites to the most complex web-based electronic businesses, social network services and internet applications. On the back end of things, we can customize any website to sync with the web server, network security or client side/service side scripting. This opens up a range of infinite possibilities in having a customized website designed just for your business.

Orange County Marketing Online

Just as important to having a polished website is also having it rank well online through search engines,  pay per click or banner ads. In todays culture it is absolutely necessary to promote your business online. Customers today rely on the internet for their shopping, information and to find creditability for their desired product or service. Many business owners however don’t have the knowledge, expertise nor time to learn the complexity of internet marketing. So this is where we come in- our Orange  County web development team is here to help you put a strategic marketing plan in place.

A winning website focuses on brand awareness, functionality, and innovation.

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Respected by our Happy Clientele for Over 10 Years

A large percentage of our business comes directly from referrals. Now thats a great testimony!

Orange County Mobile Responsive Website Development

At Urban Geko, we have been creating mobile responsive websites that automatically adjust for size to fit nicely on tablets and mobile devices. With the year 2015 around the corner, it has been revealed that the majority of websites will be viewed on mobile devices. What this means for any Orange County business is that it is time to upgrade and ensure your website is responsive. At Urban Geko we primarily use WordPress, a popular platform to create such a site. Using WordPress, virtually anyone with the login in information can easily update business content, text, images, or full pages. Blog posts or press releases can be integrated as well as unique plugins and dynamic interfaces. This makes for one sharp platform!

Orange County Web Development for Small Sized Businesses

Our professional team specializes in small business branding, which includes custom web design and development. At Urban Geko, we focus on targeted solutions that adequately meet your business needs at an affordable price. We like to look at it as a small investment that will eventually be offset by the time and money it saves you. We also view it as your primary calling card, your first line of advertising, your corporate culture, your building block. As a small business ourselves, we know the importance of keeping your costs down. We also realize however just how important having a polished online presence can be, so this is where we come in. We can design for you a 100% customized site that specifically meets your needs.

Business’s in Orange County with Website Redesigns

Do you need your website redesigned to help boost your traffic, image, ranking, sales or leads? Whether you are wanting to enhance your online presence or boost traffic to your website, we can help. Our Orange County web development team will take in consideration your marketing goals and come up with a strategic marketing plan to promote your business.

It is important to consider  goals, vision, brand identity, customer base and users prior to having a redesign. We will help you narrow your focus to ensure you are targeting your actual audience and not wasting time and money on the wrong leads. Taking all the information in consideration, we will design and develop a custom website targeted for your Orange County business.


We develop custom websites that are tailored to your customer base and build trust.

Our Orange County web development team is meticulous in ensuring the back end of our websites are programmed correctly, pages interact properly, forms work and that the overall site is running smoothly.
A smart e-commerce website is brilliantly designed with intuitive navigation, vividly displayed products, clear pricing, simple check out systems that are secure and a reliable shopping cart.
Our Orange County web development team ensures that all of our databases flow seamlessly with your website and management software. This includes the smooth flow of information used to search, filter, and sort based upon requests from users.
Ensure your website is adaptable to various devices from smartphones to tablets to desktops. If your site is mobile responsive, your website will adjust for various screen resolutions.
We have helped Orange County companies and brands transition and transform to the digital age through developing unique websites that tailor to brand management, b2b communication, social media and direct leads.
The new wave of technology is the CMS. With business owners running neck to neck with their competition, having a CMS website will allow for updating information, pages, and images.
We create websites that work for your viewers, give them the information they need in a intuitive order, and encourage repeat visits.
Polished, professional and unique- this is what our Orange County web development team strives for. Forget the hundreds of companies online who do templates…who wants to have a recognized brand? Hire us, we will deliver that goal.

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