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Owning a distinct brand & a unique personality sets you apart. We believe being “good” is not good enough — we aim to create extraordinary brands. At Urban Geko, we understand brand strategy and design, while combining conceptual thinking into bold ideas. At our Newport Beach design studio, we have leading branding experts who will assist you in creating a visually distinctive, versatile, and enduring brand.

Our Six Step approach to branding has proven opportune for new companies and those in search of brand rejuvenation. Our simple process allows us to create powerful, cohesive brands that help your business rise above competition and break new ground. Our orange county web design company will help you tell your “story” through brand strategy, design, imagery, color, tone-of-voice, and typography.

Branding/Re-Branding, Corporate Identity, Logo Design, Brand Guidelines, Annual Reports, Direct Mail, Tradeshow Booths, Tradeshow Promo Material, PowerPoint Presentations, Powerpoint Design, Packaging Design, and more.

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To deliver effective branding we need to clearly understand the context surrounding the brand. To start this process, our branding team will need to be given data on your business about existing perceptions from customers, employees, third parties etc. From this point we build your customer profile that identifies possible key drivers for your potential audience. We can then gain insight into the competitive landscape to see how other brands position themselves against your market.


Here we take into account various factors that affect your brand, and aim to define what your brand should stand for over time. Our graphic design orange county team will establish this definition as the strategic foundation and platform for all brand decisions. The brand strategy is like a road map, without it you’re not likely to reach your destination.


Done well, a consistent tone-of-voice allows your brand to convey its qualities or values through the voice it uses. Our technique for defining your brand tone-of-voice begins unfolding as we work together through brand discovery and strategy. The result extracts the “essence” of your brand into a clear, concise document that contains primary/secondary messaging, with clear-cut standards for visual and written communication.


A logo is not your brand, nor is it your identity. Logo design, identity, and messaging all have different roles that form together a “perceived image” for a product or business. Your brand identity is the visual components that form a segment of the overall brand, such as your logo, stationary, fonts, colors, style etc. We typically put together your brand identity with a clear set of guidelines. These guidelines oversee how your brand is used throughout a variety of channels; using pre-approved fonts, color palettes, layouts, images and so forth.


After the project is complete, you will be feeling excited and energized, and will understand how to deliver your brand effectively to your target audience…but sometimes you may need the extra help to generate the buzz. A launch program can include a variety of ingrediants such as; Ad Campaigns, E-mail Blasts, Social Events, Social Media, or Press Releases- just to name a few. Our web design orange county team will work together with you to help meet your objectives and budget.


The way customers and businesses interact today has changed entirely over the past decade. Today, it’s crucial to consider the impact of social media. Brands and companies striving to stay ahead of their competition must use social media communications as an essential part of all primary business functions. Our Orange County branding team will be happy to help advise your organization on various social media channels, and help point you in the right direction.

We partner together with you in creating unique marketing campaigns and branding strategies across all channels (print, blogs, social media, email, SEM/SEM, events) and disciplines (advertising, branding, websites, graphic design, collateral).

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