Holiday Season – A Great Time to Ramp up Your Marketing Collateral

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Holiday Season – A Great Time to Ramp up Your Marketing Collateral

Holiday Season – A Great Time to Ramp up Your Marketing Collateral 800 400 Urban Geko Design

The holidays have finally arrived, and before we know it there will be sleigh bells ringing and we’ll be ringing them into the New Year. With year-end sales and quotas to be met, this time of the year is a great way to gain traction on your marketing collateral while qualifying your year-end budgets.

At Urban Geko, our web design orange county team is here to help you optimize your marketing collateral with our top 5 holiday best practices:

1. Ensure your brand messaging is consistent.

Choose one holiday theme or message, and stick to it. All content, fonts, colors and themes on all platforms: from landing pages to emails to social posts should be consistent so that your customers don’t get confused. Make certain your emails, website, directories and social media pages clearly state your correct information along with holiday extended hours or company closures.

2. Update outdated material such as old brochures, flyers, or sales material.

Add sparkle to your website with new fresh images, content and blog postings. Your customers will thank you.

3. Offer special promotions to your customers via email, postcards or flyers.

Do your research and find out what your customers are looking for, and tailor your promotions to them.

4. Strengthen your loyalty program to your customer base.

Shoppers online get excited about free shipping and free returns, while the brick-and-mortar store shoppers appreciate extended hours or complimentary gift-wrapping services. The holiday season can be stressful so anything that your business can do to make their lives easier will be much appreciated.

5. Let your brand shine.

Holidays are full of joy and cheer, so any marketing efforts should be enjoyable too. Have fun with email newsletters or social posts; Let your personality shine through instead of being too corporate. Post fun photos of employees in the holiday spirit with funny looking holiday clothes or funky decorations around the office. Don’t forget to take advantage of Instagram to express your company’s personality, during the holidays and rest of the year.

Need more holiday marketing help? Urban Geko’s web design orange county team can help you revamp your brand and turn prospects into customers – see how today! It’s never too early to start planning!

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