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No, you don’t have to be a WordPress designer or developer to understand what WordPress web design in Orange County can do for your business.

To increase sales, your website must be found online. The design of your site should be eye-catching and provide all the information your potential customers will need. Users should be able to navigate the site intuitively and enjoy a good browsing experience.

You should be able to manage your website easily, and our WordPress website experts will set you up with the most user-friendly platform available. We provide professional WordPress design and development services that help you build a high-converting site optimized for search.

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At Urban Geko, our  Orange County WordPress Website Design team creates user-friendly interfaces that enhance the visual appeal of your online presence, enabling you to effectively communicate your brand story and elevate its performance. We design every webpage and app screen with an intuitive user experience and user interface, utilizing data-driven research to optimize visitor interaction. We stay current with trends and create responsive designs to help you connect with your audience on different digital platforms. Some areas we specialize in include:

UX/UI Design
Responsive Design
SAAS Design
Custom CMS/Development

Shopify & Shopify Plus
Big Commerce
Iphone/Ipad/Android Apps

ADA Compliance
Quality Assurance
Analytics Intergrations
API Intergrations

User Testing
Stability Testing
Content Migration
B2B, B2C, Gov’t Platforms

Use WordPress Web Design to Grow Your Business

While Making Your Website Easily Discoverable Online

Smooth BOR
S and G Creative
Genoa Partners
Tara Lauren
Dynamikos Sunglasses
Federal Tire USA
Coastal Pacific Construction
Vertical Advisors

WordPress: 6 Reasons Why

A successful website generates ongoing revenue and leads, while a poorly designed site wastes company time and resources. It doesn’t matter if you’re struggling to create a website, or if you’re frustrated with the results of your current one, Urban Geko can help.

Our WordPress website design team can help you achieve your business goals. Here’s why:


Using WordPress, you can create virtually any kind of website you can imagine thanks to its fully customizable web platform. Your business site, blog, or eCommerce store can be showcased in the way you want through WordPress website design. With WordPress, you can easily create unique custom websites.


You shouldn’t have to worry about complex site administration. Developers of the WordPress platform designed it for users who are not technically inclined. Managing WordPress behind the scenes is easy due to its intuitive nature. The process is as simple as logging into your WordPress admin dashboard, adding or updating your web content, and refreshing the page to see the change.

Powerful Plugins

Though WordPress is known for its simple visual editor, its web design capabilities are extensive. In addition to powerful analytics and WordPress SEO tools, WordPress plugins allow you to add custom forms, visual sliders, and other eye-catching elements to your website. With over 50,000 plugins (and counting), you can build a fully functional WordPress website.


The WordPress platform is structured so that optimizing your site is easy, in addition to great SEO plugins. By including your keywords in the permalinks, adding metadata to every post, and optimizing your images with alt text, you will be laying a solid WordPress SEO foundation. Themes and plugins for WordPress provide excellent user experiences, which Google rewards with higher rankings.


Your business website can be optimized to perform at its peak, attract more traffic, and generate more leads thanks to our Orange County WordPress website design experts. Compared to hand-coding your site from scratch, working with a WordPress web design agency will allow you to reap the benefits of an optimized site much faster.

User Experience

Our WordPress website design services are optimized for search engines and especially for conversions, enhancing user experience (UX). With our WordPress development services, we’ll show you how to build a WordPress website geared toward sales and how to design it with the user in mind. We can help you with your WordPress needs. Schedule a consultation with us today.

Why Choose Us


We give your WordPress website a brand an identity

Your brand identity is everything. So we make sure that everything about you brand product or services is reflected appropriately in your WordPress website. From designing your website in accord to your brand to covering its guidelines, value’s we analyze everything in detail and to the point.


We always give our best

We are always looking for excellence and make sure each and everything we design is a work of art. If you have an idea of what you want for your website design, we will take it to next level. If you are not sure on what you want then also we will help you figure it out. No what youwe will guarantee quality, top-standard designs.


We are best in the business

Our strength is in our team, we have some of the finest talent in the industry working with us. This is what makes each our design, different, clean, new and intriguing. We work with the most in-trend technology to reach our key customers. Our WordPress website design in Orange County team is always aware about the latest trends so that we can provide you with lasting, timeless projects.


We are always looking for solutions

In fact, we respect your trust and look after you and your business. As a result, we believe usability, intuition, quality and credibility are key to creating your site. In addition, we build well-designed websites with a clean and intuitive interface to build trust, encourage exploration, and keep users engaged.

Work Smart. Hire us and Receive One Smart Looking Website.

Security & Compliance

It has never been more important to have security than it is today. We consider security & compliance in our work on each project, including CCPA compliance and ADA compliance. In order to comply with all protocol requirements, we make sure that your site is up to date.

ECommerce Web Design

We make the process very simple for you by crafting out winning e-commerce websites that boost simple shopping carts, intuitive navigation systems, secure check-out processes, and brilliantly displayed product shots. You will get a great platform to launch your products online.

What we specialize in

Website Design

Regardless of your business needs, we will deliver a product that is 100% customized for you. We offer mobile-friendly designs and CMS platforms that make updating them a breeze.

Custom Website Design

You will receive a tailor-made website that is SEO-ready, conversion-driven, and specifically designed to meet the needs of your business. The result is that our business-to-business and consumer websites rank highly in search results and generate lucrative leads.

Development of Database

We first try and understand our client’s requirement. Our experts can develop and implement an impressive database that syncs in easily with your product management software.

Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

Why wait for an app when you can get a website that can work and function equally efficiently as an app. We can give you progressive web applications, these are websites, they look and behave like native apps, and they don’t require you to visit an app store. It not only save you time/money but your site will be responsive, safe, and offer streamlined user experience.

WordPress Website Design Orange County

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