Meet Our Team.

Together we achieve amazing results.

As a boutique studio, we deliver big company, top-notch designs at a competitive rate—
delivered on time, within budget and with a positive attitude.

We Are Unique

Isn’t there always a deadline, a pressing concern in your business? Maybe you need a website, a full-page advertisement or a fabulous new brand identity. You do your research and shop around for the website design studio that has the most eye-catching portfolio and competitive pricing.

Then you uncover Urban Geko, a full-service graphic design company/website design firm based out of Newport Beach in Southern California.

You are impressed with our extensive creative portfolio. But, wait, there’s more. You are guaranteed to receive friendly customer service, flexibility on projects, the option to meet tight deadlines and of course a free quote outlining the scope of work we will provide you. Do you need reassurance that you’re making the right choice? Read below to find out more about our passion for your success.

Consistent Quality

From one project to the next we deliver top quality, effective designs that deliver. We’ll take your big ideas and turn them into something amazingly effective.

Service Beyond Your Wildest Expectations

Our enthusiasm is infectious and you’ll see it from the get-go. We care about your business and understand just how important your marketing is. We are flexible, easy going and offer a wide range of solutions to meet your needs.  Sound like baloney? Give us a shot; let our firm tell your story.

Meeting Your Tight Deadlines

Deadlines are nothing new to us; we’re used to making the trains run on time. We understand your deadlines drive your marketing whether set by you or those above you. Fortunately for you and your team, we specialize in the quick-turn-around and meeting tight deadline requirements.

Affordable Pricing

Our promise is to reasonably stay within your budget. All of our prices are based on the complexity of the project with a detailed quote that lays out the span of your project for a fixed price.. We offer flexible pricing and can work on an hourly basis if that meets your needs. Our website design Orange County team can always adjust the scope to your needs or finish the work in multiple phases.

Solutions that Drive Success

We genuinely care about you and your business. We ensure each project is created with the latest technology that is tailored to your specific needs. Having one outstanding Orange County website design firm manage all of your creative pieces ensures not only brand consistency, but also saves you the difficulties of dealing with several companies, while protecting your wallet.

Website Design | Graphic Design Orange County – Since 2005

Why Choose Us

Our design is clean, modern and
most importantly effective.

You’ll appreciate our clean and unrivaled design. But, the key for you is that our designs are truely effective, and use the latest internet tools to reach your key customers. Tied into the latest technology, we zealously seek the latest design trends so that we can provide you with lasting, evergreen projects. Now thats something to shout about!

Ninety percent of our clients come from personal and
professional referrals, evidence of our passion about design. We genuinely want our client’s success and
long-term growth.

Our clients tell us we’re different from other agencies.
Urban Geko, partners in a creative coaltion with our
clients to create a workable vision.

Our Skills

In a constantly changing electronic world, how do you have your message stand out against the crossfire of competitors? You take the time to brand yourself correctly, ensuring your brand is effective, and taken across all mediums. Your brand should clearly state who you are, what your about, and what you can deliver.
To achieve this, we provide a wide range of services that include:

Web Development
User Experience
Brand Identity
Graphic Design

Our Values

At Urban Geko, we pride ourselves on four core values that determine our mission. They are the cornerstone upon which we built our company.


We will always do what we say and keep our word. We take pride in delivering high moral and ethical principles. This not only means producing exceptional work, but also doing our part for the environment and the community. Ask our customers, they will vouch for us.


We provide high quality products and service that effectively reaches your target market, each and every time. Our solid team of graphic design Orange County professionals stays current with the latest industry design trends.


We deliver 100% custom designs that provide smart solutions that work. At Urban Geko, our team of website design professionals are expert problem solvers that build your success and vision into each and every project.


Urban Geko not only helps each client achieve on a micro level, but also contributes to functional design on a macro level. Being a fervently inventive and resourceful Orange County website design studio is what makes us your diamond in the rough.

Questions? Give Us A Call. 949-200-6910

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