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Welcome to Urban Geko, a leading full service Web Design Company, specializing in Graphic Design & Branding in Orange County.

We excel in contemporary and modern creative assistance for everything you need on the web. We’re web developers. We’re graphic designers. But most importantly, we’re a talented and friendly bunch who will work with you and your vision.

We’re not your typical full service design studio. While we acknowledge the talent of bigger companies, our team is also highly skilled, creative, and easy to work with. This ensures that we have full collaboration with you to bring your vision to life. Furthermore, we offer competitive rates, providing you with personalized attention and a platform to voice your ideas. Choosing us means you can expect exceptional service at an affordable price.

Who we are


Idea transformers

We don’t settle for mediocrity. Excellence runs through our veins and is ingrained in every fiber of our work. You have an idea, great! We’ll take that idea and transform it into something spectacular. Not sure where to start? We’ll help you figure it out and still deliver you fantastic work. No matter what, we will guarantee quality, top-notch designs.


Expectation exceeders

We’re enthusiastic, approachable, and easy-going. This means the team working on your projects will always be eager to do an excellent job for you. We’ll be available to collaborate when you need us. And we can adapt if your needs change.


Deadline achievers

Got a tight deadline? That’s no challenge for us. We’re used to quick turnarounds, so whether you need it yesterday or a month from now, we’ll deliver quality work right on time no matter what.


Flexible Pricing

We know you have a ton of business expenses and we want to work with you as best we can. We promise to stay within your budget reasonably. We’ll send you a detailed quote that lays out the span of your project for a fixed price. But because we’re flexible, we can work on an hourly basis if that meets your needs.


Successful solvers

We have your back and care about you and your business. To achieve success, we use the latest and greatest technology to create your projects. Plus, we’re a one-stop-shop! We will manage all of your creative pieces not only to ensure that you achieve brand consistency but also save you the trouble of dealing with several companies.


Elite designers

Having some of the most talented designers on our staff has proven to be successful for us. Our designs are clean, unrivaled, and compelling. We use the latest internet tools to reach your key customers. And we’re always on top of the latest design trends so that we can provide you with lasting, evergreen projects.

We also believe in BIG VALUES.


We keep our word and take pride in delivering high moral and ethical principles. This means we walk the walk and talk the talk! Not only do we produce exceptional work; we also do our part for the environment and the community.


We provide high-quality products and services that reach your target market, the first time, every time. Our talented full service graphic design team accomplishes this by staying current with the latest industry design trends and keeping their minds open to constant learning.


We’re a unique company that delivers 100% custom designs. Every member of our design team is expert problem solvers that build your success and vision into each and every project.


We not only help each client achieve on a micro level, but we also contribute to functional design on a macro level. We’re passionate, imaginative, and resourceful, making us a diamond in the rough.

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