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I’m interested. What’s the first step?

We’re excited to work with you whenever you’re ready! Contact us today, and we will set a time to chat. Once we understand the scope of your project, we’ll provide a free, no obligation project estimate. Whether you have a tight timeline or just want a consultation, it’s all good! We’ll offer you personalized solutions and advice.You can also click on the “Request A Quote” tab to submit your project details, and we’ll have a quote ready for you within two business days.

How fast can you complete a project for me?

We get it; you needed your project done yesterday. And our design team is dedicated to meeting your project timelines. We know stuff happens sometimes, so if you have a rush job, we can work with it. If it’s possible and reasonable, we will deliver.

How and when will I get my final artwork?

When the job is approved, and you have made the final payment in full, we’ll send you the completed files via email and have websites available live on the Internet.

Why shouldn’t I have my own design people on staff?

Choosing us to design your work will ensure professionalism and give your employees more time to work on other things. Too many times companies waste time and resources as they struggle to design marketing materials. Save time and money by having our expert Orange County web design team at Urban Geko partner with you.

Money is tight right now. Can you work with my budget?

Before starting any project, we provide you with a written cost estimate that outlines precisely what will be accomplished for the price quoted. We double-check that the initial quote we provide you with covers the services you need.

Who owns the rights to any design work?

Unless you want to buy the rights, the design firm that produces the piece retains the right to their creations. This is a general standard within the industry. When designing, we sell the specific rights for you to use it. Copyright laws protect against additional or unauthorized use without usage fees or permission.

I like your name, but why should I select Urban Geko?

Our clean, contemporary, and award-winning designs leave a lasting impression on you and your clients. We offer the most personalized customer service in town. We’re known among our clients and peers as one of the most reliable, creative graphic design firms in California. We listen to our clients and make them a part of our family. If you are looking for a reliable top-notch orange county web design company, we’re your firm!

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