Crucial Things That You Cannot Miss On Your Landing Page

Crucial Things That You Cannot Miss On Your Landing Page

Crucial Things That You Cannot Miss On Your Landing Page 787 421 Urban Geko Design

Concretely, a landing page corresponds to the page on which a visitor lands after having clicked on a link. This page is specially designed for visitors to land on after clicking a link in an email, Facebook ad, Ad words ad, and all other types of marketing campaigns. Landing pages serve to steer the visitor towards conversion.

This page is intended to attract visitors in order to convert them into prospects. This is one of the most important parts of the inbound marketing methodology. While this may suffice in general, when used for marketing campaigns, this page takes on much more meaning.

How to design a landing page?

  • Instead of being made up of dynamic graphics, links, a menu, and many other distractions, landing pages are short, simple, and to the point. The goal is to reduce unnecessary stuff as much as possible so that your message is clear and effective.
  • The best way to create a fully functional landing page is to limit the number of distractions so that visitors can focus on the essentials.
  • The landing pages and the associated form should be simple. On the form that you use to collect leads, you should only request the necessary information. If you ask for too much, you will likely scare your visitor away.

How to easily recognize a landing page?

  • Simply put, a web page must meet the following two criteria to be considered a landing page.
  • The form on the page represents a conversion event. When visitors fill out the form for a free offer or whatever else it is, the visitor will provide their email address and at the same time grant you their permission to send them an email.
  • You can also use another type of form that suggests, for example, the purchase of a product. In either case, the visitor should fill in the fields that provide you with useful information so that you can find out enough to offer them other offers later.
  • The sole purpose of this page is to capture the information of your visitors through this form.
  • In other words, the page exists to drive your visitors to a conversion. Some Orange county Web designmay have a form attached, but exist for reasons other than entering a visitor’s information.

The essentials of a successful landing page

  • We all strive to optimize the effectiveness of our landing pages, but do you know what a landing page needs to drive the most conversions?
  • Whatever purpose is behind building a landing page, it must lead to conversions. Some landing pages increase the success of your campaigns because they are more effective.
  • There are endless landing pages, with endless variables and goals. They do, however, share common characteristics.

We explain these elements and characteristics below:-

  1. Create an attractive header

The header is the first sentence, the first thing the user will read when they land on your landing page.

See your header as a primary element among the main elements of your page. The header should clearly explain the purpose of the page. It is also important to coordinate the message and the header.

The size and typography of the title should therefore be compatible with the rest of the landing page. Placed at the top, it should immediately draw attention to your page. You should also keep a link with the keywords you are using.

Your title should contain the keyword you are working with, and with which the user found you. Otherwise, your bounce rate will be high.

  1. The subtitle, short and clear

Short and descriptive, the subtitle must also complement the title. Reading it shouldn’t take more than two seconds. The caption is your second chance to convince the user: take advantage of it. Subtitles can be used in two ways:

  1. Quality images

The images mark the spirits more than the text. Everyone knows that in our society a picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, you should use quality images that are both neat and large.

The image should also relate directly to the goal of the landing page, title and caption. This is the graphic representation of what you are offering. You have to have an effect on the user and arouse emotion. This will arouse his interest and attention.

Along with the minimalist design that is used today, an image is one of the essential elements of a landing page.

  1. The call to action (CTA)

There are no colors, sizes or types of CTAs that convert more than others. The call to action must be integrated into the landing page. You can highlight it but in moderation.

The call to action is at the top of the essentials list on a landing page. This is the only button through which the user interacts with the brand.

However, there are certain principles you must follow when implementing your call to action:

Make the button stand out in color or size, without ever falling into extravagance. In the image above, for example, the call is distinguished by its red color, the color of the company.

Its location is important. It is true that opinions differ on the best location (next to the title, at the top, where it is most visible, etc.) Find a place that makes sense for your Web design.

What do you write in your CTA? You must use a word, verb or short phrase that prompts action. The call to action indicates what the user gets if they agree to click. Making sense is more important than using a verb.

Design, an integral part of a whole

Design in general is very important as one element that encompasses your entire landing page. It is not enough to have followed the above guidelines if your design is not current and attractive (in your eyes too). Do you want to create the perfect landing page?

This is why you need to embed it in a format that is simple but that leaves the user feeling emotional. All content must be linked: text, links, colors, and image. Nothing should hinder navigation on the landing page.

If you are unsure of some aspect of your landing page, you can perform A / B testing with the Urban Geko design by creating efficient landing pages that take into account the results of each test. We will help you design a perfect page so that all the essential elements of a landing page are present.