Typography: Choosing the Right Typeface

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When you look at a design it’s easy to tell right away if it looks good, but can you point out the elements in the design that make it look so good? With our love for design and expertise we know that typography is one of the most important element within design. Good typography communicates to the viewer effectively and efficiently. If you choose a typeface that does not fit what you are trying to get across, consider your design useless. read more

Learn Typography

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Typography is a very important element in graphic design. In fact, typography is used all around us on billboards, websites, newspapers, road signs, product packaging, magazines, clothing, automobiles, and the list can go on and on. The point is that if type is used everywhere as one of our primary ways to communicate with one another. Urban Geko is here to teach you a little about the world of typography. read more

How to choose a typeface

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Choosing the right typeface for your design can impact the overall look and feel of your piece. There are so many elements to consider that at times it can be overwhelming. Do not worry because the Urban Geko team has found some great examples and put together a few tips on how to choose the perfect typeface for your design. read more

Typography Rules To Live By

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We at Urban Geko deal with all aspects of graphic and web design; everything from ease of usability to SEO website design to visual hierarchy. One subject that our team of design professionals is especially skilled at is typography; something that can often be misused in everyday advertisements. Not sure what typography is? Watch this short video introduction by the Vancouver Film School: read more

Font? You Must Mean Typeface

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Yesterday morning I switched on my car radio to NPR to hear the trailing sentences of the latest story, “…the overall branding will stay the same, this includes the colors and fonts.” I realized I had caught the very end of their discussion about the merger between United & Continental airlines. But the billion dollar deal isn’t what interested me; it was one word they used drew a red flag in my designer oriented mind. read more

A Closer Look at the Official Typeface of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics

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While the 2010 Vancouver Olympics began just a couple of weeks ago, the design team at Vancouver Organizing Committee (VANOC) has spent years cultivating a brand identity for the Games that encapsulates not only the intensity of all the twirling, sledding, gliding athletes, but also the spirit of Canada itself. In the words of VANOC’s design director, Leo Obstbaum, the design should be “Something as simple as ‘Hello my name is Vancouver. Hello my name is Canada.'” Like all brand identities, the Vancouver Olympics’ began with the foundation of a simple typeface. Or in this case, two. read more

Ellen Lupton's Typography Oscars

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As I was searching for inspiring new design magazines to follow I came across Print Magazine and a wonderful article by my idol Ellen Lupton. I first fell in love with her work when I was in college and was assigned to read Thinking with Type: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors & Students. I use it as a hand book to refer to whenever I want to look up a particular typography element or am simply looking for inspiration.
Her article entitled “The Oscars of Type,” distributes awards to typefaces similar to how the Academy assigns awards to actors, directors and movies. Check it out here. These are few of my favorite picks: read more

I Saw Your Font On TV!

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It appears that NBC may be in a bit of hot water. Fonts that were used to promote Saturday Night Live, The Jay Leno Show, and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon have been used without proper licensing, according to typographic design firm, Font Bureau. read more