Best Advertisements of All Time

Eye-Catching Advertisements That Make You Look Twice It’s no secret; every business owner wants their company to be profitable. Having a unique marketing campaign can help propell this. Thats where our graphic design orange county california company Urban Geko steps in. We create unique designs that make heads turn.

Understanding Color

No matter what project you are working on it is very important for every designer to understand color. Using the right colors in your design can make it stand out among the rest, but using the wrong colors can ruin it. Color has the ability to evoke reactions in people, so understanding it is beneficial […]

How to boost your creativity

A common desire of a graphic designer is to be more creative. The more creative you are the better ideas you will come up with and the better your designs will be. Sometimes it may seem as though creative ideas come to others more easily than others. In actuality there are a few techniques that […]

Make your design shine – 5 simple elements

Make Your Design Shine – 5 Simple Elements! Have you ever heard someone say that there is something missing within your design? Your “design approach” whether print or web, is key to the final outcome. Some designs grab your attention in a positive way, while others tend to go unnoticed. Our Orange County graphic design […]

Effective Layouts

A layout is the placement of content, graphics, and images on a page. No matter if you are working on a print publication, presentation, or website, the layout is one of the most important elements as an effective design will grab a readers attention. If the layout does not showcase the important elements first, you […]

Programs a graphic designer cannot live without

Graphic software is essential to any graphic designer’s success. Among these some of the most popular Adobe programs include InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. Each program is designed for a different purpose, but designers are constantly working will all three. Our team has put together brief overview of each of these programs to give you a better […]

Insight into a designers mind

When you begin a project, the opportunities seem endless. As designers, we design with a purpose. That purpose is to solve a problem through design. We look at the problem and fill our pages with color, shapes, type, and even images trying to come up with something that will speak the viewer. We don’t just […]

It’s Time for Graphic Designers to Take the LEED

If you’ve ever dealt with an architect or interior designer in recent years, chances are you’ve heard the term LEED floating around. Now, just what exactly is LEED? It stands for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design and is internationally recognized as an eco-friendly building certification system. The third-party verification confirms that a building or […]

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