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Attn. Designers: Overuse of Electronics Leads to Poor Memory and Creativity

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What is a day in a typical designer’s life like? We wake up, check our e-mail our e-mail, spend all day working on a computer, go home to watch TV then browse online for inspirational design sites, and for every little gap in between we’re checking our smart phone. As designers, our sedentary profession is based almost entirely on computer and electronic usage; so much so that a NY Time article suggests this could make it more difficult for us to remember information and come up with new ideas. For our Orange County website design firm, this is particularly alarming news considering the fact that innovation and creativity is what drives our careers, new ideas must sprout with every project we take on. read more

Print with Urban Geko's Finishing Touches

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Whether it’s a flyer, a display booth banner or anything in between, our Urban Geko design company offers a wide array of vibrant finishes for your media and marketing material. Our expert team of designers can strategically choose finishes that will give your printed material the dynamism it needs to solidify its presence in the minds of your target clients. This can be done by appealing to more than just the visual senses of your audience: foiling, embossing and raised printing can give texture to a business card; die-cutting, cropping and folding can give your brochure the extra edge it needs to stand out. Here is a list of just a few finishing services we offer: read more

Paul Boag's Educating Clients to Say Yes to Your Designs

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“It is important that clients perceive you as the expert, otherwise you risk being walked all over- not very much fun, and bad news for your professional image.” – Design Informer.
One of the most difficult obstacles designers face today is how to educate their clients to say yes to their designs. Paul Boag’s lecture at the 2008 Future of Web Design Conference discusses how to do exactly that.
As a California based website design firm, we understand that advertising and design is ubiquitous in the daily lives of most Americans. This unfortunately, gives people a false sense of “what looks good.” However, our goal is to create design that not only looks pretty, but is effective. Here’s Paul’s advice on how to deal with clients: read more

Scalable Products: The Key to Small Business Longevity

Scalable Products: The Key to Small Business Longevity 150 150 adminxs

When people hear the words California graphic design,” images of typography based posters, eye-catching media and bright product packaging come to mind. While these connotations are usually the first to surface in the public’s collective consciousness, what is often overlooked is the business aspect of the fast–paced design industry. read more

Design & Happiness

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Antoine de Saint-Exupery once said, “A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” At Urban Geko, a Orange County website design company, we realize this quote every time we finish a project. Design is a medium through which we can effectively and creatively communicate messages, thus every component of our work serves a unique purpose and comes together to form something greater. We believe that our design is helping to make the world a happier place by sharing these messages and implementing eco-friendly design practices. Besides our creative work as a graphic design company, The New York Times columnist David Brooks shares other factors that contribute to the public’s overall happiness (and some that don’t) in his article The Sandra Bullock Trade that I’ve narrowed down here: read more

MJ's "This is It" Philippine Prison Style

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At Urban Geko, we like to look at our projects as a gestalt. A gestalt that combines the sum of all its parts into something greater. Parts including: the target audience our client is trying to reach; the goal our client has in mind for the project; the flash elements; the SEO components of the site; the design itself etc. We believe that by combining the elements contributed by our clients aspirations and our creative juices we come up with truly worthwhile, genuine design. Additionally, we believe that gestalt can be translated into all mediums of California graphic design, including dance! read more

eHow: How to Design Your Own Perfume Bottle

eHow: How to Design Your Own Perfume Bottle 150 150 adminxs

What I’m currently wearing: Evelyn Rose Eau de Parfum.
In one of my first blogs I filled out a questionnaire about myself and one of the questions was: If you could design any 3-dimensional product what would it be? My answer: a perfume bottle. I feel as though they are one of the most intricately designed pieces available today and they obviously appeal to me since I am a woman. read more

Photoshop On The Go

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The iPhone and other smart phones have been steadily growing in popularity and growing even faster in functionality over the last few years. Software developers have been repurposing and redesigning their programs as mobile applications just as fast, and Adobe’s Photoshop has been one of the most popular as of recently. read more

Rubik’s Cubism

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We’ve posted an article before about the use of Rubik’s Cubes as real-life pixels to recreate famous works of art, but the trend seems to have gathered some steam and cropped up in more places, bringing some interesting questions with it.
These particular works were created by Josh Chalom of Toronto, and with a little bit of guidance from a computer, the result is astounding. Equally astounding is the amount of work that goes into each piece of art. Acting in the same way as a digital camera does, Chalom and his team use computer generated sections of the image as a template for each cube. The individual cubes then need to be “solved” to fit that specific area of the image.
His style is so original and unique that it’s become a popular topic online, and we’re wondering if it’s possible that it could continue to the point of becoming a design trend extending to other media. It wouldn’t be the first time that a trend has spilled over from one medium into another, and pixilated images made from unlikely sources certainly seems to be popular lately. read more

Doing Good With Design

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Far too often, great design goes to those who can afford to pay the most for it, leaving the little guy out. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that great talent tends to get hired away by those companies that are willing to pay more. But should it be at the expense of those who can’t afford to pay for great design? read more