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Los Angeles PowerPoint Presentation Design


PowerPoint Presentations
PowerPoint has been the platform for presentations in the corporate world now for many years. In fact it was the first presentation platform available, therefore the majority of employees these days are fairly familiar with creating their own PowerPoint presentations. However whether it looks professional or not is another question. This is where we come in.

As a partner with your in-house team, or whether on a per project basis, our professional PowerPoint designers are at your service. At Urban Geko, our Los Angeles PowerPoint Presentation Design team designs visually stunning and impressive Powerpoint presentations that compliment your branding. If your PowerPoint was due yesterday, we are fast, reliable, and credible to take over. Just give us a phone call.

KeyNote Presentations

A newer software that has come out since PowerPoint is KeyNote. KeyNote, a Apple-based product is known for high-impact media-rich presentations that propel your business forward above competition. The platform offers various themes, OpenGL-powered 3D slide transitions, QuickTime Video support, exportation to iDVD and most importantly it sync’s well with all Apple products. There is also a feature called Keynote Remote, which allows for direct control on the presentations from any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch over a Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth connection.

Prezi Presentations
Prezi software is a cloud-based, online presentation platform. It can be used by anyone within the world provided they have access to WiFi or BlueTooth. Prezi’s platform offers a zoomable canvas, which is ideal to zoom in/out of the work that was created on the actual canvas. Press also includes a online collaboration feature which allows up to 10 employees to co-edit in real-time. A awesome feature for businesses when many managerial hands are in the pot in decision-making.

Since its launch, Prezi has become more popular as an appealing alternative to the more traditional Powerpoint platform. The presentation decks can be viewed easily on laptops, tablets, iPads, or iPhone’s from anywhere around the world. The multi-touch/touchscreen interfaces allows for users to slide through the presentation while being able to zoom-in or zoom-out of their decks.

We Drive BIG IDEAS Into Powerful Presentations.

PowerPoint Presentations | KeyNote Presentations | Prezi Presentations

Big Visuals
Fully Customizable
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Fast Turnaround
Interactivity and Animation
Voiceovers and Multimedia


The first step is understanding what your presentation is for, who the target audience is, your brand, goals to be achieved and your companies needs. Once we have a baseline down, we will start the design process.
We collaborate together with you and start the design process that best matches your companies brand. As designers, storytellers, and programmers, we bring dynamic form to your vision. We keep both the presenter and the target audience in mind while designing from concept to scripting to completion and final delivery. A few slide comps will be designed first, showing the overall theme of your presentation. Upon review and approval from you, we continue to work the all the slides.


Animating the deck is the last item we do. We like to have all visual adjustments made prior to the animation or transitions. The reason for this is that the visual layout plays a large part on how we decide to animate the objects within. Our Los Angeles PowerPoint Presentation Design team finalizes the deck and hands it over to you.


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