How to Grow Local Customer Base in Orange County

How to Grow Local Customer Base in Orange County

How to Grow Local Customer Base in Orange County 964 685 adminxs

Are you a local business based in Orange County? Are you looking for ways to expand your Local customer base? Drive more traffic to your store and convert those customers to paying customers? If your answer to above mentioned questions is yes, then this blog is definitely for you.
Even if you are not based in Orange County but as a local business are looking for ways to grow it, this blog will be of mighty help.
In this blog we will unravel some untapped secrets which you can amend in your business to promote it locally in Orange County or in the area you are working from.
In other words at the end of this blog you will have some practical, actionable steps which you will be able to implement in your business right away. So without wasting any more time on introduction, let’s dive straight into it:
To begin with let’s understand and elaborate the term Local Business?
As defined by Yext “Any business that provides goods or services to local population is deemed as Local business”.
For example: You have a store or a shop or like us you are an Orange County Website Design company based in Newport Beach, CA, where customers can come and directly talk to you.
Even if you don’t have an address still your business carter to the needs of people in Newport Beach area, your business is a local business.
This is why it becomes super important that you generate traffic from your local area to strengthen your position locally.
So here are certain tips that you should implement to your business right away to ensure that you get the maximum results from the area you are operating in.

1) Website is Fine, but Presence on Social Media Is Must

Now, I am not a Nostradamus but every once in a while I like to make some bold predictions just to flex my intuition muscles. So, this is what I believe will dominate 2019.
Social Power in others words make sure you are active about your brand on all major platforms. No matter how big or small your business is.
Even if you don’t have a website or a website that needs a redesign but you have a strong enough social reach you are a winner.
Though this doesn’t discard the significance of website still if you want to wait for a website it is fine as long as you are going strong socially.
Here are some interesting stats that prove the same:
– 70% of customers visit Local stores based on information found online
– Retailers advertising locally on Facebook see an average ROI of 152%
– In a survey of 3,511 Local marketers, respondents ranked Social Media advertising as most effective out of a list of 30 promotional channels that included TV, radio, print and offline advertising
Here is a survey that shows that only 25% of small businesses have a website and even lesser number use Social Media pages to promote or rank their business.
This means that there is an open ground to cover. Today the cost of marketing or advertising on Instagram or Facebook is far lesser then compared to Google Ads. As a business owner you can absolutely latch on to this opportunity.
Platforms like Facebook and Instagram give you an opportunity to select the radius in which you want to promote your business. Now what more can you ask for.
The kind of metrics these platforms have is phenomenal. You can use them to select your audience, location, income group, interest, behavior and can do a lot more.
These platforms are hot therefore making sure that you capitalize on them before they hike their prices.
In fact you can go over our article to understand more about how to work and network over Instagram.

2) Target Local Directories

Please don’t’ judge this point by its sub-heading. I know that you would have heard and read about this before but there is a catch.
Instead of going after 40- 50 local directories and listing your business there, the idea is to pick 7 directories, list your business and maintain your presence.
Interact on these platforms, answer the reviews and make sure you are active.
It will only take 15-20 minutes of work every week and you will be ahead of competitors.
You need to keep in mind that Google value consistency. If you are listed on a reputed website like:
Yelp and are consistently engaging with your audiences there you are sending strong signals to Google bots.
All these factors are crucial to your brand establishment in long run so make sure you make the most out of it.

3) If you have a website Optimize it


If you have a website, it is critical that you optimize it to gain maximum benefits from local search.
You need to be thorough with your ground work. You need to test, implement, analyse your competitor to reach to your audiences.
You need to ask yourself questions like where your customer will be. You need to draw out a persona framework to determine who your client is and how you can best reach him.
A part from basic keyword search here are few others things you can add to your website to optimise its growth:
• Add Schema Mark up
• Make sure that your website open supremely on Mobile platforms
• Optimize your Google My Business Account
• Audit local citations and ensure consistent NAP
Also, make sure you check if your website is as per current designing standard or it needs a redesign.
Here this article will help you in this regard.

4) Don’t Try Too Hard To Market Or Sell Your Brand

Obviously if you are in market with your product or service you want to sell it to maximum number of people. However, the rules and dynamics of markets had changed considerably.
These days people don’t connect with products but with brands and brands don’t sell themselves, they connect.
So, if you have a grocery store in Orange County remember that you have a Grocery store in Orange County. This means that along with your store you should talk about Orange County as well.
Any insightful information around your local area is always going to go in your favour as it will connect people with your brand.
Always remember that building brand is a process and process takes time, so invest your time in Orange County and your brand will look after your grocery store.

5) Invest in Sponsorship

This point is an extension to the previous point.
How many events you have seen around you? Why not sponsor some of them.
Now, this kind of marketing practice can benefit your brand in two ways:
a) People who are organizing the event will instantly know about you and your product/services.
b) People who are participating in the event will not only acknowledge your brand but you can personally talk to them and make them aware about your services.
Trust me a lot of brand promotion events fail to bring the kind of viewership what these sponsorship can bring.
You can introduce coupons, discounts and other such attractive offers to get people interested in your brand.

Local marketing is imperative. Having a good product is one thing but to sell it requires a lot of efforts till the time it becomes a brand. Therefore, be ready to invest in lot of time, patience and energy to work out a strategy around it.
There are lots of businesses in Orange County that are still not working on their Local marketing game which gives you a great opportunity to shine in. So, get your stuff together and establish your authority in your niche.