Top 5 eCommerce Website Design Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Top 5 eCommerce Website Design Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Top 5 eCommerce Website Design Mistakes That You Should Avoid 750 394 Urban Geko Design

Attracting more consumers every day to your online store is difficult, especially when competition increases every day. You will hardly find any business nowadays that doesn’t own a website or an eCommerce store. The digital world is facing cutthroat competition amidst which businesses strive to attain a top position and maintain it once obtained.

Once a visitor lands on your online store, all you need to do is convince them enough to become a consumer and buy something from your store. Irrespective of the niche and size of a business, eCommerce stores are slowly becoming the face of businesses. Any shortcomings in the design of their online store negatively impact their sales to a great extent.

If you are planning to get your eCommerce store designed and developed, we discuss a few eCommerce website design flaws that you should avoid at all costs. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Choosing Poor Themes and Bad Plugins:

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a theme just because it looks good. Your choice of theme should be based on the functionalities, and for that, you need to have good design knowledge. Before finalizing the design, you need to list the features required in your website and then make a basic prototype design that showcases the layout options and the buttons of your web store.

Pick a theme that meets all UX requirements. After figuring out the user experience of your website, you can also choose to get a customized theme developed for your eCommerce store. As far as plugins are considered, you should only choose verified plugins used by other eCommerce stores.

2. The Design is Not Compatible with Every Mobile Device:

We all are already aware of the increased use of mobile devices. As a result, more than half of searches for products or services are done through mobile phones. As you already know that there are numerous Android sets and a vast collection of different screen sizes for iPhones and iPads. You have a variety of screen size options for which the website needs to be optimized.

Your website’s user experience and user interface design must be compatible with different screen sizes and fit all devices efficiently. For instance, if an online store looks neat and attractive on long screens but looks crappy and distorted on extra long screens, it is one of the major design mistakes that the website owner should mend.

3. Inaccurate Product Descriptions:

Perfect product pages are also a priority for eCommerce store owners. If the web page of a single product is poorly designed, it drastically impacts the conversion rate of that store. Most consumers decide after looking at the product images and descriptions on the single product page. The design of a single product page is an art that is beneficial for a business in terms of conversion.

You should ensure minimum visual clutter on the web page to ensure that the product and its specifications are visible. Also, the product description used should be straightforward and precise. Instead of using jargon, incorporate helpful information as much as possible.

4. Offering Very Less Shipping Options:

You should offer as many shipping options as possible for your consumers to make a purchase. Buying behavior of different consumers is different, and so they like to see multiple shipping options. You will see that some of the most successful eCommerce stores offer as many shipping options to their consumers as possible.

Making a variety of shipping options available for the consumers offers flexibility, and it also enables a significant reduction in the shipping cost. For instance, if you have a doorstep delivery charge since the delivery will cost you money, the customer will prefer buying it from a local store.

5. Inadequate Optimization of Search and Filter Options:

While shopping, shoppers often become restless and use search options for the products they want to buy. Search, and filter options also give quick access to the products that people prefer to buy. Detailed filter options are simplified more with the help of filter options available, and the filters cover every specification. As per the latest trends, you should also incorporate voice searches for your online store, as more and more people prefer voice commands.

You can further improve the search options by incorporating similar products and comparing them along with the prices. Include the search option everywhere in your app and integrate them at the prominent location of your website so that it is easily visible.


The above stated are just a few website design flaws that need attention. Do not neglect even a small aspect, and strive to attain perfection. Design mistakes can undermine the shopping experience of your consumers and make purchases challenging. Hence, you should avoid them at all costs.