Website Design: 5 Killer Ways to Designing A Website

Website Design: 5 Killer Ways to Designing A Website

Website Design: 5 Killer Ways to Designing A Website 745 483 Urban Geko Design

We all know that an online presence of a business is crucial to its success. Still, most of us, miss down on some easy and must-do tasks to suffer badly in our trade. A website is a tool that has many parts to it and to function well, it needs to fire in all cylinders.

It is your business virtual shop so its crucial that it is programmed and designed well so that it add value to the customers that are approaching or visiting it. However, most of the business owners miss out on this opportunity by not exploring these options carefully.

As a result they do get a website but struggle to generate any business out of it. So the big question is what are things that differentiate a good website from an average one and most importantly, how to design it.

So in this article we will be sharing 5 web designing tips to help you make a website that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to use.

1. Keep It Simple:

The first and foremost rule of web design is to keep it simple. A website should be easy to navigate and should not be cluttered with too much information. Imagine you walk into a store and find everything cluttered and messed up.

Not only will you find it unprofessional but you will not want to stay in it for long. This is what an unstructured approach to a web design can do. So make sure that your prime aim for the design should always be to keep things simple and easily navigable.

2. Use White Space:

White space is a crucial part of web design. It makes a website easy on the eyes and easy to navigate. Some people argue that too much white can create a sense of emptiness on a website, well it true only if you don’t divide it proportionately. Make sure that your page is divided in proportion to the content you want to add and accordingly you manage the space inside it.

3. Visual abundant:

Images are a great way to add visual interest to a website. They can also be used to convey information. They add more weightage than a simple text, visuals have always scored over content and if designed pleasingly, they can convey a business message more efficiently and effectively.

4. Use typography:

It is another great tool that if used properly can be very effective. Typography is an important part of web design. It can add visual interest to convey information. Since 2019, the use of typography on the websites is increasing significantly.

5. Use of animation:

Now this can be little tricky, especially if you assign this task to an inexperienced Web designer. Animation can be used to add visual interest and to convey information. It should be used sparingly, however, as too much animation can be distracting. So its crucial that you have a specific strategy in mind around it. You must be sure on how to use these gifs on your website without sacrificing the page’s loading up speed.