Get Rid of Web Designs That Generates No Sales Or Leads Once and For all

Get Rid of Web Designs That Generates No Sales Or Leads Once and For all

Get Rid of Web Designs That Generates No Sales Or Leads Once and For all 2560 1440 Urban Geko Design

We all want our websites to generate leads for us, attract new customers and provide value to whoever visits them. This is what the main aim should be behind designing a website, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, for 90% of the websites, this is not the case. As per the recent study done by AHREFS, 90% of the websites on Google generate less than 500 new visitors online. This means that 90% of the businesses online aren’t able to tell or sell customers about their products or services.

Now, isn’t this number shocking? Your website should be more than just your business card, it must help your business attain the goal you have set for it.

In this article, we will talk about how to get rid of web designs that generate no sales or leads once and for all.
First and foremost, your website must have a clear purpose. It should be designed to achieve a specific goal, whether it is to generate leads, sell products or services, or provide information.

If your website is not achieving its purpose, then it is time for a change. Here are some tips to get rid of a website that generates no sales or leads:

1. Evaluate your website’s purpose and goals –

It is imperative to bring customer’s attention directly to where you want it to be. There should not be any beating around. Most businesses loose direction in UI and UX part of a web design. Keep in mind it’s not much about the looks but about the value that will determine your business success online.

2. Take a close look at your website’s design and user experience –

Design is not only about fonts or colours; it is much more. A good design means that your customer is auto guided to where you want him to be when he opens your website without being too pushy. He must have a clear understanding about your business, what it is selling and how to contact you in case he is interested. If your design doesn’t solve that purpose, font and colours won’t matter.

3. Analyse your website’s traffic and conversion data –

This is something not for marketing people, this is for you, you need to learn and understand the metrics. Make sure that your website has Google analytics installed in and check every week, from which sources it is getting its traffic. For ex: If you are based in Orange County, and are a local store, a traffic from New York is of no value. Such type of matrices is only available if you Analyse your website regularly and carefully.

4. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly –

This is something that has been going for over a decade. Even in 2012 it was relevant and in 2032 it will be relevant, still shockingly 65% of the websites present on the Internet open poorly on the Mobiles, in other words they are not properly mobile optimised.

5. Review your website’s content and make sure it is relevant and valuable –

There were times when number of words around specific keywords constitute a content. However, those days are long gone. Now what matters is the value. Keep asking how the information I am sharing will benefit my idea customer. Always make it about them. You need to be informative and imaginative at the same time with your content, otherwise it is a waste exercise.

6. Conduct a website audit to identify any technical issues –

Alright, you feel you have done a remarkable job but what makes you feel so sure about it? This is why it is never a bad idea to have an outside audit done on your website. This allows you a different perspective, will help you see your website from a position you otherwise have missed out.

7. Make sure your website is being properly promoted –

So he is a number to get you thinking, up until September 12, 2022, there are over 1.98 billion websites on the internet. Every minute around 175 new websites are created.

So think of it like this, how are people suppose to find you? If you are in a crowd and you want to call someone you know, you will have to shout or make some kind of effort to grab their attention, isn’t it? This is the same in the webspace, you need to market your product, the budget doesn’t have to be in millions but you need to utilise various social platforms to talk about your products and services.

Now we haven’t shared any out of the box tip here and that is what is surprising, that most people aren’t even following such simple tips to remain afloat on the internet. Yes, you might be having a good traction from your offline efforts but you never you how things could be if this side of your business also start producing results.