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Martin -Dispute Resolution

Linda Martin, an esteemed lawyer with over 40 years of legal experience, specializes in mediation services. Recognized for her tenacity and exceptional advocacy skills, Linda has earned an “AV” rating from Martindale Hubbell for her legal proficiency and ethical standards. With a background in personal injury, civil rights, and medical malpractice cases, Linda brings a unique blend of expertise and empathy to her mediation practice.

Launch Website


Linda, with a strong legal background, required an online presence that would attract clients seeking mediation services. She wanted a website that effectively showcased her expertise, approachability, and commitment to resolving disputes. Linda also aimed to highlight her credentials, experience, and ethical standards to build trust with potential clients.


We partnered with Linda to create a WordPress site that captures her brand and values. Our design and messaging highlight Linda’s friendly nature and fair mediation style. By showcasing her credentials and legal expertise, we establish trust with potential clients. We also prioritize user-friendly features for better accessibility and a smooth browsing experience.


The website redesign elevated Linda’s online presence, boosting visibility and credibility. Streamlined navigation and informative content facilitated client engagement, enhancing the overall user experience and driving growth.

Martin website design 1


Increase Online Visibility

The new website significantly improved Linda’s online presence, attracting a broader audience of potential clients seeking mediation services.


Enhanced Credibilty

Linda’s credentials and expertise were effectively showcased, bolstering her reputation as a trusted mediator within the legal community and among prospective clients.


Streamlined Client Engagement

The user-friendly design and informative content helped visitors learn about Linda’s mediation services and easily get in touch, improving the efficiency of client engagement.

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