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Kinetic Analytics

Kinetic Analytics provided composite structures design, analysis and manufacturing services for the overall aerospace industry.

Our Approach

By reimagining Kinetic Analytic’s existing logo and color palette, Urban Geko refined Kinetic Analytic’s look and feel to better reflect the brand. Built simply, the WordPress website showcases the high-end products of Kinetic Analytics through the use of large images and easy-to-read text. Due to the nature of the industry, shades of blues and grays complimented the products and services, giving the user a pleasant overall experience. In addition, Kinetic Analytic’s new web experience emphasizes their platform and product capabilities.

Fully Responsive Design

Kinetic Analytic’s website needs to be optimized to keep users engaged across all devices, screens, and operating systems as a digital leader. With the new site, Urban Geko made sure not only does it work on laptops, tablets, mobile devices, but it also looks great no matter where (or how) you browse.


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