Good to know information: Rank of the website on Google search engine depends on number of factors out of which a quality backlinks play a major role. Now, you can easily fetch number of backlinks from various sources but to get a real push up on search pages you need backlinks for high authority websites. Now authority websites make sure that they don’t give out their link easily, so they look for number of things before deciding which domain they will link to and in this post we will cover all those factors to help you understand this process better.

Among other factors that crucial for website rankings are:

  • Mobile friendliness
  • Loading speed of your website
  • Proper implementation of the Meta Data
  • User friendly navigations
  • Reliable and value added information

Most business owners get confused and believe that ranking a website on the first page is SEO’s job, however, it’s not a complete truth.

Good web design plays a major role in ensuring how much people will like to interact and link with your website.

A poor design will not be able to justify the strength of your content or keywords. So you need to give your site the best chance of winning by first concentrating on the design.

How to design a website with which people will love to interact:

With plenty of options available online people are very choosy with what they want to interact with. However there are few things you can always bet upon to bring you the desired results.


#1: Revealing the data and information through proper visuals.

Content is the king but among contents, it seems that visuals tend to score more over their contemporaries. This is not to say that other forms of content don’t work but visuals have their unique appeal and we won’t argue that.

For example: If I have to depict the data showing how over the time users’ trends had changed on the usage of social media, I am sure that you will prefer a nice, descriptive infographic over hardcoded words.

No doubt, words have their audiences and appeal but here the point we are trying to make is, whenever you get an opportunity try to insert a visual with descriptive information, as it works much better. Below is a stat to prove what we are saying:


#2: If you are putting in words on your website make sure you make them count

This point means that if you are managing a blog on your website make sure that it has a solid word count. In 2012, 500 words were fruitful in 2020 they are dismissive.

Now, only words cannot make the difference you can have 2000 words on your blog but if your blog page is not designed properly you will not get the desired result.

Here are few crucial things you need to keep in mind when designing a blog page for your website:

  • Make sure the fonts you are using are of the highest grade
  • Easily readable on mobile devices
  • Proper navigation and scroll options
  • Visually good

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