Things to keep in mind when building a Website for a small business

Things to keep in mind when building a Website for a small business

Things to keep in mind when building a Website for a small business 2500 1440 Urban Geko Design

Before you even start you must know this:

No doubt websites are crucial for any business but it is good to have no website rather than having a bad website which is full of mistakes.

There are lots of things that can go wrong when making a website, like: overloading of images, improper usage of tags, poor loading speed and much more. All these issues collectively can impact the conversion rate on your website thereby resulting in business losses.

In this post we will try to cover as many points as possible to give you an idea on what are things to keep in mind when designing a good website and why it is always good to go with the services of professionals rather than doing it all by yourself.

Good design demands good investment:

Unfortunately, there is no other alternative to this. You need to spend some amount of money to see a considerable return. Now, you don’t have to go over the board with the expense but it is one thing you must keep in mind when approaching a website designer. There are so many elements on a website that demands lots of efforts and those efforts costs money.

However the plus part is that a good design is always very flexible and robust and if prepared well you will be able to handle most of it yourself. A good design will cost you anywhere in between $500 to $700, the price keeps going up as per the complexity of the website. For example: An e-commerce website will always cost more than a simple blogging website.

Also if you decide to feature in some automation process then there are separate charges for it. So, keep in mind that when you are working out a budget around your website always keep in a bit extra to cover those additional features which you think can help you in business.

Creating websites is a time consuming process:

You might have seen an AD or banners that promises to deliver you a website within 24 hours, trust me, that’s a sham, don’t invest your money on such claims as they won’t bring any results.

Website designing is a meticulous process that involves multiple processes that requires proper time and attention. From design to development to content creation, every process has its own pace. Yes, you can work with your designer companies to push the results but you need to respect the time that is being asked by the company or a person who is working on your project, so never undermine that.

Keep a plan in place for debugging your website:

No matter how beautiful or well-designed your website is there is always a scope for improvement and it is crucial for you to test every aspect of the website yourself.Some hire third party agencies to perform such tasks but it all depends upon the scale of your website. If you are going with a simple project you don’t have to spend heavily on such things. Rather using few platforms like: A href and Seomoz tools you can accurately see how your website is coming along and what all you need to add to it to make it shine in the crowd.

Yes, the web design agency you have hired will submit the project after completely testing it but still it’s always good to have your own checklist ready with you to ensure that you get only the best of what you want.

Website designing in not a one end process rather it’s a continuous development:

Now this is something you have to get comfortable with, website designing is not something that is finished the minute your website is live. Rather, once you have a platform ready you continuously keep adding on to it to grow it in colors you want. The idea is you can start small but you should never remain small. Keep looking for emerging trends and see how you can embed them in your website.

Keep adding features and keep automating the process. Keep the colors and layout fresh on your site so that people who are your regular customers feel fresh whenever they visit your site. Keep working on the contents, keep editing and adding keywords to support your site on Search engine channels.


Website design is an ever improving process, every year a new element is added into it which makes this process even more exciting. So make sure that you take this process very seriously and hire only the best individuals and agencies for this job.