7 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Click Rate

methods to improve click rate on Facebook in california

7 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Click Rate

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Did you know that there are proven methods for improving your click rate on Facebook? Our web design orange county team at Urban Geko is here to tell you how.

When you post something on Facebook, out of every 100 people that view the post, only about 6 people click on it. That’s a pretty low number. But with just a few clever methods, you can easily increase the number of people who click on your posts and land on your website. Just follow a few simple steps:

1. Use Action Statements

Have you been using stock images in your Facebook posts? Sure, these images might look nice, but they’re not very exciting and they don’t encourage people to click on them. That’s right, Facebook allows users to click on images and be redirected to your website! The process is simple: Just include action statements in your image instead of using stock images. This could include statements like “Click here to start saving now!” or “Get your free trial today!” These kinds of statements encourage people to click on your posts. After all, colorful images are a lot more exciting than plain black and white text!

After including an action statement within an image, many users see an increase of 14% in their post-click rate. That’s a pretty big improvement for a few seconds of extra work!

2. Color It Up

As stated above, colorful posts are way more exciting than boring black and white blocks of text. The human brain responds to colors much more actively than simple text columns. This is why you should start incorporating colors into your Facebook posts to improve the number of clicks you’re getting. Many websites use this idea on their homepage to get people to engage with their site. However, this idea is often unused on Facebook posts. Some colors that work well on a website homepage may not work as well on a Facebook post, though. That’s why it’s important to experiment with different colors until you find something that works.

For example, colors that blend well with the standard Facebook colors, like shades of blue and grey, may have a better effect on Facebook posts. Finding just the right mix of colors to improve click rates can have a major effect. In fact, the right blend of colors can improve Facebook post click rates by 16% or more! We have proven this theory, to read more about color and how it affects marketing click here.

3. Make It Personal

Adding a little personal touch to Facebook posts is a great way to increase the click rate. Just think about it: What is more effective, a post containing a single image and a few simple words or a post that includes a brief paragraph that reaches out to readers? Taking the time to write a few sentences to accompany a post can have a big result. Readers like to know the purpose of a post and using the right words can encourage users to click through. Users want to know that a post has been created by a real human being who is interested in reaching out to them, not a mindless automatic post that spams up their wall feed.

“Taking just a bit of time to include a personal message along with a post can improve clicks by up to 8%,” says web design orange county’s long-time web guru Reza.

4. Clean Up Your URLs

Anyone who has linked to a website in a Facebook post knows that the results can be a bit….well, ugly! This is because the meta tags for a website may not be filled out correctly if they are even filled out at all. Facebook uses meta tag information from websites to display a URL to a website. If it hasn’t been filled out correctly, it can look like a total mess. Fortunately, a program called Open Graph can solve this problem. Open Graph uses meta tags to make URL links in Facebook posts look way more clean and attractive. This can mean the difference between looking like an amateur website and looking like a professional website.

It can also have a huge impact on your click rate. Using Open Graph can increase your number of clicks by almost 40%!

5. Make A Schedule

Most people simply post whenever they feel like it without giving a second thought to timing. After all, everyone logs onto Facebook at random times, right? So it shouldn’t matter when you make posts because you have no idea when people will see them, right? Wrong! The timing of your posts can have a huge effect on how many people see and click on them. Just think about the way that people use Facebook. Many people use it to keep in touch with friends or to pass time at work. As the weekend approaches, people are getting anxious to leave work and spend time with friends and family. This means that they’ll be spending more time on Facebook as the week passes. This is a great opportunity for you to promote your website!

Statistics show that people are more likely to see Facebook posts on Thursday and Friday. Posts that appear on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are over 3% less likely to be seen at all. Timing is also important in regard to the time of the day that you make Facebook posts. During the morning, people are usually focused on tasks at work or are busy going about their day. They are more likely to check their Facebook in the afternoon. For this reason, posts that appear between 1 p.m. And 3 p.m. are the most likely to be seen. Everyone has that person on their Facebook friends list that seems to post all day, every day. Don’t be that person! Posting multiple times a day or posting every single day can make you appear desperate or, even worse, can make you appear to be a spammer. Posting once every other day is the best strategy.

6. Get To The Point

You may already be familiar with the importance of headline length when it comes to SEO for blog posts or for web pages. Headline length is really important for Facebook posts as well! People tend to have short attention spans, especially when using Facebook. They usually won’t have the patience to read long headlines. You need to make sure your headlines get straight to the point and use exciting, interesting language. The goal is to capture the attention of your readers in as few words as possible.

It’s been shown that the best length for a Facebook headline is 80 characters or less. Headlines of this length can lead to a click increase of over 15%!

7. Get Involved

So you know by now that what you post is just as important as how you post on Facebook. Let’s talk about another equally important aspect of Facebook posting: How you respond to comments!

At some point, people may leave comments on your Facebook posts. Our web design orange county team believes how you respond is important for two reasons:

1. First, a proper response will let people feel like their comments have been considered and noticed.
2. Second, other people who view the post will see how you engage with people.

This is why it’s important to write great comment responses. So someone is criticizing your website or product? Great! That’s an opportunity to find out what their concerns are and improve your website and product. It also shows other people that you are willing to reach out and address any issues that they might have. Does someone leave a comment with a question about your website/service/product? Even better! This is a chance to increase your audience and make people feel appreciated. These kinds of responses can also lead to an increase of almost 10% in your click rate! It’s a win-win situation!

So, to wrap up, when you find yourself about to make a Facebook post, it’s time to consider these 7 points. Not only will you look more professional on Facebook, but you may also find yourself enjoying a big boost to the number of people clicking on your website!

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