Print with Urban Geko’s Finishing Touches

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Print with Urban Geko’s Finishing Touches

Print with Urban Geko’s Finishing Touches 800 400 Urban Geko Design

Whether it’s a flyer, a display booth banner or anything in between, our Urban Geko design company offers a wide array of vibrant finishes for your media and marketing material. Our expert team of designers can strategically choose finishes that will give your printed material the dynamism it needs to solidify its presence in the minds of your target clients. This can be done by appealing to more than just the visual senses of your audience: foiling, embossing and raised printing can give texture to a business card; die-cutting, cropping and folding can give your brochure the extra edge it needs to stand out. Here is a list of just a few finishing services we offer:


As the most common surface treatment, varnishing consists of placing a glossy finish on a printed piece that is soft to the touch. It can be applied to just part of a piece (partial varnishing) or all of it which will give it extra protection against wear and tear.


Like varnishing, lamination can provide a strong protection against dirt, humidity and wear and tear of your printed pieces. It is the process of coating a printed piece with a protective plastic foil with a variety of laminates: glossy, matte, embossed or textured.


Foiling can give a brilliant finish to your printed piece in a way that conveys quality and creativity. This includes metal surfaces (e.g. gold & silver), metal inks or very matte finishes that will give your printed piece a unique texture and provide a hierarchy to the elements you are showcasing. For example, if you have a business card in which you want the name of your company to stand out you could have that particular text foiled to give it the extra “umph!” it needs.


Unlike foiling, embossing involves the actual reshaping of paper to make print stand out or sink down. This creates an interesting texture for your target audience that’s both memorable and aesthetically pleasing. You can take it a step further to combine foiling and embossing when you apply shiny ink during the actual embossing process.


If you would like your printed piece to stand out from the standard rectangular cut seen on most brochures, business cards, flyers etc. then die-cutting is your solution. Die-cutting can make your piece come to life as you can make your printed content appear as thought it is literally escaping the boundaries of the page. For example, if you were marketing a shampoo with a unique bottle shape have a printed piece of its silhouette would create a very clever and interesting finish. Additionally, perforations can create fold lines as well as decorative borders.

If you have marketing material that needs to be designed and printed, go ahead and give our graphic design studio a call today!