Tips to Get a Great Website Design

tips to make an effective website design in orange county

Tips to Get a Great Website Design

Tips to Get a Great Website Design 870 350 Urban Geko Design

There is more to designing a website than the way it looks. There are a few key factors that will determine if your website is a success or a failure. Your Orange County website design team put together a few tips that will help you design a great website.

1. Navigation

Your website needs to be user friendly and easy to navigate through. Keep your content organized and do not make the user search for information. Make sure your contact information is prominent.

2. Valuable information

Your website should be designed for the user. Make sure that the content on each page has something valuable to offer the user.

3. Speed

Fast loading pages are important. If a user has to wait for a page to load they are more likely to get annoyed and leave your site. To help your website speed, minimize the use of images, get rid of unnecessary embedded sound files,  clean up your code, and pay attention to your page size.

4. Browser Compatibility

Not everyone uses the same browser, so make sure you test your website in all of the popular browsers.

5. Readability

Use professional looking web friendly fonts that will be available on all computers. It is important to make sure your text is large enough to read and has enough spacing in between the lines.

6. Layout

The look of your website should represent your brand. The layout should be clean and professional and not distract the user from the content.

7. Consistency

Consistency is important to keep visitors on your site. Each page should have the same navigation, look, and feel as the previous.

8. Broken Links

It is very important to make sure you do not have broken links on your site. Users will get annoyed if they click on a link that is not working. You should check your site regularly to ensure your links are up to date.

9. Spell Check

Check your site to make sure there are no spelling errors to ensure good readability for the user.

10. Search Engine Optimization

SEO will help drive traffic to your site. The easier it is for someone to find you, the more likely they are to visit your site. The more visitors you have the more success for your company.