How To Sell a Seven Figure Web Project

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How To Sell a Seven Figure Web Project

How To Sell a Seven Figure Web Project 970 450 Urban Geko Design

There are tons and tons of websites who spend billions on digital marketing, web infrastructure and more in order to carve a niche in the market. Internet marketing services is a virtual “gold rush” industry right now. It is a booming industry with opportunities galore. Every consumer looks online for local merchants. Business owners understand this and are pulling advertising dollars from traditional media and investing billions into online search. But here is the catch! If the merchant’s website is not available on page one of local search… then… their website is virtually invisible. The local merchant, on the other hand, is hands full on his business and running around doing million things on his plate.

Dealing with vendors, servicing customers, clients and patients, these folks do not have the time or even the inclination to cater to these matters and figure out how to maintain and keep their websites at the top of the search results. This is your cue! This is when you make your entry. However you should know what you’re doing. Wild-eyed enthusiasm and a flare for internet marketing is not enough to succeed. You need to keep some things in mind before you take a shot at the opportunity you have been offered.

1.Customize your business

Businesses love customization and when it is specially customized for them, it’s a jackpot! Local merchants want internet marketing services customized for their business. They would anyway prefer being a big fish in a small pond rather than being a small fish in a big ocean. By selling tailor-made websites you not only make your work easier but also attract the best clients.

2.Market yourself Well

Potential clients will not know who you are and what you offer unless you know how to actively market your services. You may possess all the required technical skills and hope that clients will line up outside the door of your office, but this won’t be possible unless you apply the principle of Direct Response Marketing. You’re not just telling people your business name and phone number, but you offer specific lead generation content that positions you as the internet marketing expert they must call.

Even more important, when done right, the content pre-disposes prospects to your service and agency. If you don’t proactively deploy a system like this to generate leads, then you will struggle to build an agency that can put your face on the street.

3.Go after Conversions and not the clicks

High search engine placement without a conversion strategy is useless. There are many agencies who make false promises and later fail to deliver. Either they couldn’t get the client’s web rankings to budge or they got the client ranked high in the search engines, but they didn’t know how to make the client’s phones ring.

Successful companies at Orange county web design has a different approach to this problem altogether. They not only deliver better rankings but also offer multiple ways to get our clients’ phones ringing. Thus, the clients get more business and a measurable ROI on our services.

4.Be Good with your research work

It is very important to research when you are making broad assumptions about entire markets. You need to put Google to some use. You need to know which prospects within any market offer you the greatest opportunity. What a business would look like tomorrow, if suddenly, they had the top performing 0.1% of the, let’s assume, 200K independent businesses in their area. You need to research and research to succeed.

5.Generate Interest

Interview anyone you can get your hands on in the market you want to serve or at the level you want to help. Ask about their problems. Have them walk you through their workflows. Not just for doing their work but ask about the steps they take to procure contracts. Conducting customer development interviews will teach you how to win future work of that size.

6.Get a mentor

You need to network with other agency owners above your level. Grab lunch or coffee with others doing the same thing you are, but who are further along than you. There are over a million agencies worldwide. You need to find companies that have the type of work you want in the future today. Ask the owners out for a coffee or a casual lunch with little other agenda than “I want to learn from you.”

7.Set Realistic Goals

Think about your goals. If you’re selling low four figures now, and you want that first seven figure project, how would you do that? If the answer to that question is you’d need to start working with different types of clients. Then start down that path of exploring how to get around other people.

Change your habits. Instead of attending the local WordPress meetup, attend a conference that is not in our industry. You’ll quickly be blown away at the millions of dollars spent.

8.Be Persistent

We all have heard the idiom that ‘slow and steady wins the race.’ Well this applies here too. You need to progress with every deal you make till you reach that seven-figure finish line of yours. Progress might seem slow in a year, but the power of compounding interest affects this type of effort as well.

Now go for it! The seven-figure dream that might have felt impossible before is well within your grasp in this lifetime. I don’t recommend going from selling a four-thousand-dollar website to a million-dollar project next week. There is much risk with more significant projects. There have been several agencies who have gone through a needless stressful downturn because they over-committed their business to a big project.

You need to keep it slow and steady. Success doesn’t come overnight. You must put in loads of effort day and night to achieve something in life. It can take years. But what is important is to have a vision of where you see yourself and your business. You need to set your mind to this goal. Determining that you want to get there one day is the most critical part of the whole opportunity. Bigger isn’t always better. There are several agencies who make more profit than the big whales in the ocean. Some have incredible flexibility in where and how they choose to work.

Finally, the most important thing is to know why you want to sell a seven-figure project. Is it to satisfy your ego so that you can shout at the top of your voice to let other people know about how successful you are? Frankly, this reason is never ever going to get you there. However, if you look at the organizations making these investments, and see problems, you could help them solve, and you see that as rewarding and meaningful work, then perhaps this is a journey you should consider.

Regardless of all these things, you should focus on pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Whether it is with the size of work you are pursuing, or the focus you have on a specific market. Remember… Growing yourself is just as important as increasing your revenues. Enjoy!