Analyzing Restaurant Websites In Orange County

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Analyzing Restaurant Websites In Orange County

Analyzing Restaurant Websites In Orange County 700 400 Urban Geko Design

The food world has gone through its own unique evolution in this brave new world. Remember when you had to queue up to order a hot big cheese burger with crispy fries? Nah! Neither do we. From the actual mechanics of eating to the way restaurant criticism functions, the internet and its tools have left an unfading mark on our relationship with food. And to keep this relationship as smooth as possible, tons of restaurant delivery sites seem to be popping up all over the internet. Orange County has a very lively dining scene.

There are various restaurants offering impressive culinary variety – from renowned hotel restaurants to sophomore efforts from some of the area’s most respected names. All wrapped up in warm days and cool nights, with the sounds of the ocean often not far away. The sister county to the south – Orange County has restaurants with their websites allowing users to search and filter through their menu, place an order, and have it delivered straight to their door. In this article I shall be discussing my findings on 3 restaurant Orange County websites: Pour Vida Latin Flavor, Puesto and SOCIAL Costa Mesa.

Prominent Call-To-Action

All such sites need a prominent call to action in order to provide a smooth customer service. Puesto does just that. As soon as you land on their website you are immediately greeted with the option to make a reservation along with the other necessary icons appropriately placed. Pour Vida Latin Flavor, on the other hand, does not offer the choice of making reservations as soon as you open their website. Instead, it gives us a brief description of their restaurant’s chef.

Easy Access To The Menu

All the websites excel in providing their respective menu – an impetus in user experience. Puesto provides a variety of Mexican food and the menu is easy to interpret. Pour Vida Latin Flavor has a creatively designed menu with a very attractive layout and equally appealing colour scheme. SOCIAL has a relatively similarly designed menu all over the world. The theme around which the menu has been designed is very scholarly. The menu can be comprehended easily and truly matches the décor of the restaurant.

Excellent Products Photos

Ok. So I actually have a confession to make here. I maybe a little biased towards these sites because I ended up reviewing them around midnight but the food looks tempting. All 3 of them have their best items on display and honestly, I am not complaining!

Easy To Contact

SOCIAL, Puesto and Pour Vida Latin Flavor – offer an easy way to get in touch with them. Visitors can find their contact details on the top of the webpage under ‘contact details’.

Mobile Friendly

It is a known fact that more people than ever are using mobile devices these days. With this in mind, websites now have been built taking non-desktop devices into consideration. Puesto’s mobile site handles this issue beautifully. Social Costa Mesa offers website accessibility assistance to its users, and Pour Vida Latin Flavor offers a separate mobile site. Each allows the same user-friendly filtering and checkout process as the desktop site.

Emotional Appeal

At last, I would like to discuss how these websites appeal to our emotions or instincts. Exciting colour schemes and fun, casual language tend to be more appealing and make users feel more comfortable. Thus, they are more willing to eat from your place than a one which has complicated, high end names and a rather dull colour scheme. “We eat through our eyes” – is a true phenomenon. Until and unless it appeals to our eyes, it will never make its way into our stomach. Pour Vida Latin Flavor has a delicate colour scheme. In comparison to Social and Puesto, their website is dull and boring. They don’t have a solid background and impressive font. Social and Puesto have a bright colour scheme and tend to be more appealing to the youth. More attractive layout and images of food items incite hunger and actually make you want to run to these places and order all this!