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Lane Axis

Lane Axis is a technology company specializing in patented GPS tracking solutions tailored for trucking and freight logistics, the cannabis industry, and various university campuses. With a focus on enhancing operational efficiency and security, Lane Axis offers innovative tracking blockchain technology to optimize logistics and streamline operations.


Lane Axis approached Urban Geko with the objective of creating a professional and visually compelling PowerPoint presentation pitch deck to support their international crowdfunding campaign. As a critical tool for attracting investors and industry professionals, it was essential that the presentation reflected Lane Axis’ branding and effectively communicated their value proposition across diverse sectors.


Urban Geko and Lane Axis collaborated on a visually captivating PowerPoint presentation. We customized the deck with modern graphics and vibrant colors, aligned with Lane Axis’ branding. The information was strategically organized, highlighting key points for easy understanding. To enhance the presentation experience, we incorporated on-page animations and smooth transitions.


Urban Geko partnered with Lane Axis to create a visually stunning PowerPoint presentation. Inspired by Lane Axis’ branding, we designed a modern deck with custom graphics and vibrant colors. The information was strategically organized, emphasizing key points for easy understanding. On-page animations and smooth transitions were added for an engaging presentation experience.



Increase in Investor Engagement

The PowerPoint presentation led to a rise in investor inquiries compared to previous campaigns, demonstrating heightened interest and engagement among potential investors.


Higher Conversion Rate

Lane Axis experienced a 25% increase in conversion rate, successfully securing funding commitments from a greater percentage of potential investors who interacted with the presentation.


Rise in Conversion Rates

The presentation received high praise from experts, with a 90% satisfaction rate for its clear, professional, and effective communication of Lane Axis’ value proposition. This feedback highlights the presentation’s success in conveying Lane Axis’ brand message to industry professionals.

lane axis powerpoint presentation

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