Professional Athlete Drug Testing

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Comprehensive Drug Testing

CDT is a comprehensive drug testing company that offers services such as collections, analysis, and medical review to help employers ensure reliable, accurate, and confidential drug testing that meets their needs.

Our PowerPoint presentation team designed a series of 5 different PowerPoint presentationsto support various training programs and internal communications, between athlete and trainer. The 5 decks are vibrant, colorful and bold, using graphical images whenever possible. Bright blue color accents, creative slide layouts, and supporting graphics were used to helpthe information to be easily viewed, received, and implemented onsite. Since most of the trainers work with athletesin providing regular drug testing for them, we ensuredthe design appealed to both trainer and athlete in a non-threatening way. Given the nature of the industry, the overall branding had to appeal to both audiences.

All-in-all, we delivered a successful set of presentations that were branded, informative and visually appealing!


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