Tips to Make Your Marketing Projects “Greener”

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Tips to Make Your Marketing Projects “Greener”

Tips to Make Your Marketing Projects “Greener” 800 400 Urban Geko Design

Depending on your business, your marketing efforts may require the use of a lot of natural resources – trees (in the form of paper) being the most obvious. Over the course of a few months, you may have need to print thousands of brochures or flyers, order boxes of business cards for new employees, and purchase reams of new letterhead.

It can really add up!

Thankfully, there are many ways for our eco-conscious Newport Beach web design clients to reduce their marketing footprint.

Recycled Paper

Once conventional paper’s less attractive (and more expensive) distant cousin, today’s recycled papers are cost effective and top quality. By requesting recycled papers certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council for your next print project, you can help save additional timber from being cut to make new paper.

Earth Friendly Inks

There have been great advances in “green” printing practices, including soy-based and vegetable-based inks. Traditional inks are petroleum-based and release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. Vegetable inks emit lower levels of VOCs and make paper easier to recycle. And the colors are great!

Request Digital Proofs

One quick and easy way to cut down on paper waste is to request a digital proof from your Newport Beach graphic design firm or printer. There are certain projects for which you may still prefer a hard copy proof, but most of the time a PDF proof is faster and works just as well.

Go Online

We have worked with several Newport Beach graphic design clients to reinvent their traditional marketing materials into savvy online marketing tools that require no paper at all.

We know that many of our clients feel strongly about employing greener practices in their marketing projects. We do too. If you would like to partner with an environmentally conscious Newport Beach web design firm, Urban Geko is a great match for your business!