How To Grow Your Business Using Instagram

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How To Grow Your Business Using Instagram

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How To Grow Your Business Using Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms used today. Its focus on gorgeous photography and videography creatively capture a glimpse of the lifestyle of its users. Because of its popularity, many businesses have taken advantage of the opportunity to communicate directly with their customers and build their brand. With a single click, consumers can view products and pricing, without even leaving the app.Plus, these shoppable posts have links to the product pages on the company’s website, so shoppers can add items to their cart and check out, and shop for more items. They can shop while they scroll. For this reason, Instagram is one of the best ways to support your brand.

Instagram stats you should know

Instagram is an excellent place for businesses to support an e-commerce business, increase brand following, or a little bit of both. Almost one million people shop on Instagram every month, so the platform has the potential to generate a lot of sales and build a huge following for a brand. It’s all about sharing your story and products with consumers in an engaging and visually appealing way

Start selling on Instagram

It’s easy to start selling on Instagram. Follow these seven simple steps:

1. Update your Instagram

If you don’t see any shopping tags in your app, this means your app isn’t updated. You can update by opening your phone’s settings.

2. Sync your Instagram with your shop on Facebook.

Instagram makes this easy by pulling your Facebook shop through to Instagram.

3. Set up your business profile

You can do this by clicking on options and selecting “products.”

4. Confirm your Instagram business account through Facebook

This all happens automatically once you connect to your Facebook shop. You just need to choose the product catalog you want to include.

5. Upload a picture of your product

You can upload a photo like you typically would. When writing your caption, be sure to tag people or products.

6. Tag products

Tag products like you would when tagging a person. Type the name of the product in the search bar, select the product you’re tagging, then move the tag to the correct spot on the photo. Instagram will pull all product information from Facebook, including a link back to your site from the picture.

7. Share your post

Enjoy the profits of selling on Instagram by sharing it!

Improve engagement on Instagram

Gaining followers is essential to growing your audience and brand following. But you need to give people a reason to follow your business. Here are just a few quick tips to keep in mind before you get started:

1. Ditch the Photoshop

If you want your business to appear genuine, your photos should be, too.

2. Give your customers a shout out

Encourage your customers to post pictures of themselves using your products and then share their pictures. Engaging with your customers will prompt them to keep coming back.

3. Get snapping:

Get snapping: Your phone is your camera, so take photos everywhere

4. Partner up

Team up with similar brands to help build your audience and share the love, or team up with a brand influencer to give your product legitimacy and notoriety.

We hope these tips from our Urban Geko Orange County Web Design Team will help you get started growing your business on Instagram!