Customized solutions.

Ingenius databases that work easily with your software.

Database Programming

Database Applications

Our Orange County web development team takes a flexible approach in all of our database designs, programming and applications. Our knowledge of leading software will help you choose the right database design for you. If for some reason, the right application doesn’t exist, we will try to customize one for you.

Of course, your overall vision, long-term plan, existing system, time frame and budget will weigh heavily onto the final decision. At Urban Geko, we take time to get to know you, your needs, and will find a solution for you.

Our well trained database experts at Urban Geko, will guide you and offer recommendations to enhance the development of any of your database applications.

Website Design Database Planning

Our Orange County website team will develop an overall plan to support the success of your new database development program. This can include:

:: Management requirements
:: Formal storyboards, flowcharts, and specifications
:: Interactive interface design
:: Risk management
:: Development schedule
:: Content Management System
:: Quality assurance and testing
:: Hosting Support

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