Some design professionals will tell you that there are good clients, and not-so-good clients out there. Those that welcome creative ideas, and those who are notorious for driving creativity into the ground in favor of dull, outdated, corporate hum-drum. Say what you will about Microsoft, but the direction they took to develop the new home screens for Windows 7 may surprise you.

Chuck Anderson, a 24-year old designer and artist whose work has been picked up by Reebok, Pepsi, Urban Outfitters, and others, was approached by Microsoft when the time came to develop a look for the home and login screens. Luckily, some not-so-final versions of the work have been released, which give us some fantastic insight into a design process that we might not have otherwise seen.

As a small graphic design firm in Newport Beach, it’s interesting to see that the processes aren’t very different, even when looking at a monumental corporation, like Microsoft. We think it’s great that the Windows 7 design team decided to move in a new direction with the design, rather than just refreshing old work again and again. Keeping a fresh perspective is what moving forward is all about, and we like to think that staying ahead of the curve in the design industry is part of what makes our team so unique.

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