With recent backlash for the site’s complete redesign, Digg has taken action to secure the sites future by hiring former Amazon General Manager of Payments, Matt Williams. His resume includes over a decade of experience at Amazon from GM Webstore to Director Tech Alliances, Director Commujnity & Cross-Merchandising to Director Auctions and Marketplace. Additionally, he has also served as the CEO of LiveBid.

Williams will take over the San Francisco based company by replacing Kevin Rose, the co-founder of the site. Rose served as CEO for only 6 month after Jay Adelson’s departure in April. Williams’ objective will be how to keep one of the largest technology news aggregators relevant with so many other resources available on the web. Readers can choose from a myriad of informational resources to get their news from: niche blogs, news publications, friends’ advice. What makes Digg unique however it that it provides a streaming list of articles all on one page that readers can sift through; hopefully Williams can either exemplify that quality or give it a new spin that will keep users coming back.

Kevin Rose recently posted page detailing the sites latest changes which include an updated algorithm to prevent a single user from dominating the homepage; time stamps for ‘My News’ stories; and thumb icons to improve usability. The Digg site will also be reinstalling the Upcoming Stories tab on the main navigation for users to view.

Our California website design firm loves browsing through Digg to find interesting, entertaining stories. We hope the popular site does not meet its demise any time soon!

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