Man’s claim for ownership is an inherent trait. We carve our initials in trees, sign our drawings, all in the attempt to protect our identities. This is the same reason why we use a logo for our businesses – to redefine our motives and make our individual goals become the goals of a collective.

The need for a logo is not a new invention, but is something that can be traced as far back as the Mesopotamians and Egyptians. From porcelains to printed books, logos remained a standard, though it can be found in different forms. The usage of trademarks as we know them today started in the 1950s, when multinational corporations started offering a wide range of products and needed a tool to maintain a cohesive message. For example, the ABC network meant “clear and cohesive advertising and communications”. This was symbolized by the use of negative space, combined in a simple circle.

Today, the need for a logo hasn’t changed but its role has now evolved. With the web 2.0 and greater communication enabled by the internet, we now place a strong emphasis on teamwork and the creative process. Logos are no longer just about communicating with an audience, but rather, it serves as a visual support mechanism for the team. By allowing everyone to identify with their groups, things can now be done more effectively, if not efficiently.

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