We consistently encounter designs that are so cluttered and messy that we have no idea what it is trying to portray. Understanding white space and the importance of it is the first step of making a messy design clean and effective.
The purpose of a design is to try and tell someone something. If your piece is full of unnecessary information it becomes cluttered, not allowing the viewer to perceive what you are trying to tell them. By eliminating the unnecessary information and incorporating white space, your piece will look cleaner and be become more effective.
White space is the negative or empty space between elements in your design. This space allows the viewer to focus on the importance of your message. White space should be used to guide the viewer through your piece making it easy to understand.
White space is important because it can either make or break the purpose of your design. As your orange county graphic design and website development firm our advice to you is that less is more. The less clutter you have and the proper amount of white space will allow your message to be apparent, making your design more successful.
Now of course there are other elements within design to take into consideration, but your graphic design firm believes that understanding what white space is and its importance is a great place to start. If you click on the link to our portfolio you will find some great examples on how we incorporate white space into our designs.

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