No, this isn’t a post about some bizarre Venn diagram. Rather, it’s a post about crop art. And not the hokey circles and spirals that show up in the Midwest, either.

Instead, this crop art is an exquisite example of thinking outside the norm and using what’s readily available as a creative outlet. What began as somewhat of a novelty in Inakadate, Japan, in 1993, has turned into an annual display of some of the finest living artwork in the world.

By treating the paddies and individual rice plants as a giant screen with hundreds of thousands of pixels, farmers have been able to create massive pieces of art with the aid of computers and 4 varieties of rice. As the crops sprout, the image emerges and throughout the season, thousands of visitors flock to the village to see the latest creations.

Our website design Orange County team thinks that this is just another great example of how art, design, and ingenuity can permeate the unlikeliest aspects of our lives. Hopefully, this trend will spread and inspire others around the world. After all, imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

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