This is likely the first and most important question that comes to mind for anyone learning about your business. The answer, however, is what’s important to your customer.

In the business, we call it “the benefit statement” and it’s what every single piece of information that bears your company name should pay homage to. Whether the answer is “the best price in town”, “unbeatable service”, or “the largest selection west of the Mississippi”, the benefit to your customer should be crystal clear and relevant to their needs.

Without a clear answer to that crucial question, it’s likely that your potential customer will move on. Not because your product or service isn’t the best, but because your marketing or advertising message was unclear, or altogether hidden, and didn’t tell the customer that you’re the best around.

The more obvious, relevant, and consistent the brand’s benefit statement is, the less apt the customer is to forgetting or completely missing it. A great answer to that ever-looming question is what can set your business apart from the crowd and keep your name (and what you’ll give them) at the front of the customer’s mind.

At Urban Geko, our seasoned staff of creative professionals dive deep into your brand and help answer the question of “what’s in it for me?”. You can rest assured that creative design and marketing from Urban Geko will leave your clients with only one question; when can you start?

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