If we use the dictionary, the answer to this question is pretty simple: “it is a distinct symbol of a company, object, publication, person, service or idea. It is usually found at the bottom of a television or the top of a cereal box.

But the term “logo” itself has many complex meanings and there are a number of words used to describe it. A logo can also be a “mark”, “trademark” or even a “signature”. You can also use the terms “woodmark” (a company name with the proprietary letterforms, e.g. Mobil, which uses the Pegasus logo), “symbol” (e.g. the Nike swoosh, the Apple’s apple and the CBS eye) and a “monogram” (letters which are used to denote a brand such as GE and WE).

Logos are used to differentiate a company for their competition and provide clear identification. Through frequent viewing of these logos, you can create a special relationship with your audience. You can now communicate your company’s mission, vision and goals, giving you greater credibility and more merchandising opportunities.

A brand name is the perception of the audience about your company. This is not something you can ask another company to do for you. A logo is not the brand name associated with the product and service you are offering; it is a combination of typeface, colors and imagery unique for your company.

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