What are the graphic trends in 2021

What are the graphic trends in 2021

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To say that 2020 has been a strange year is more than an understatement. The lockdown, the forced shutdowns of shops and educational establishments, have had a huge impact on the online world. People and businesses have had to adapt faster than ever.

There are certain website design elements that are here to stay: easy navigation and increased security of your browsing data.
The latest graphic trends work with these aspects, improving them visually. It’s not just website design we’re talking about, but also logos, illustrations, and anything related to graphic design.

3D design

3D design is nothing new. This trend has certainly made it possible to make the most of technological advancements and the most modern software capabilities.
The rise of augmented reality, the user interface, powerful technology and software – all of these things prove that 3D has a bright future ahead.
The trend today is towards realistic visuals to increasingly blur the line between digital and reality. Graphic designers also mix 3D drawings with photographs or flat illustrations. Others add movement and animation.
These visually stunning creations aren’t purely artistic – they engage and engage the viewer, holding their attention, and vitally affecting your site’s bounce rate.

Organic design

The organic design, softer and more natural, has slowly developed on the sidelines of mainstream trends over the past 10 years.
The idea of ​​imitating nature, natural lights, colors and flowing lines has come back in vogue. It adapts to trends in minimalism, illustrations, color filters designed to create natural atmospheres, textures featuring wood, stone, etc.
A side effect of the current pandemic situation is thirst for nature. As you might expect, people who have been denied the opportunity to be outside for long periods of time suddenly want to make excuses to go out.
And the essential qualities of nature are suitable for all designs, techniques and fields of business. It is a blessing for designers that this source of inspiration and a strong graphic trend in 2021.

The optical illusion

The optical illusion has many advantages: it helps to better capture the user’s attention on your site.
If your brand has something related to the idea of ​​movement, strangeness or spirituality this trend is perfect! Even if you just want to stand out, the optical illusion design is worth considering.
It’s smart, it’s addicting, and it’s a magical way to bring users in. However, it has to be relevant. Is it appropriate? Excessive? Confusing? Is the illusion really an added value to your design?

3d typography

For 2021, we believe the popular 2020 typography designs will be turned into 3D. Next to this 3D are elements of animation, texture and pattern. Typographic design becomes a symbol of innovation in graphic design, using all trendy techniques.

Cartoonsque illustrations

Custom artwork has become a nifty way to stand out from generic website minimalism with heavy graphic elements, a clean digital look. The illustrations are more varied, interesting, and multi-technical. However, the next popular design trend in illustration is going to be cartoon-style characters.
This design brings variety, it is adaptable, imaginative but also adds playfulness. Perfect for a memorable branding, great for creating product or site atmosphere, and multifunctional. You can use your character on the website, on business cards, posters, there are no limits. And everyone without exception loves cartoons.

Colorless Design

There is something comforting about the lack of color, in a multicolored world. Bright, multi-hued colors are a very obvious way to grab immediate attention, but 2021 might just be the year of the backslider.
In a fast-paced, ultra-sensational world, a smart option is not to compete with bigger and brighter, but to go in the opposite direction.
Black and white has a classic effect, soft, subtle and strangely alluring.
You turn on the TV in the afternoon and find an old black and white movie that mesmerizes you: we’ve all been there. How difficult is it to turn off or change the channel? There is a magical, almost hypnotic charm and a feeling of nostalgia.
Trends in graphic design will still be minimalist, even if it evolves.
Besides this, we, graphic designers, will be able to let go a little in typography, in illustrations mixing photography and drawing, using 3D. We will also have fun with new styles very with “natural” colors and using and abusing textures and patterns.