When someone mentions the word “design”, Russia probably isn’t one of the associations that come to mind. New York, London, Paris, Milan perhaps, but not Moscow. That may all be changing, and fast.

Many people still hold onto the stereotype that Russian design extends as far as propaganda posters and no further. The truth is, that art and design evolved on a somewhat different path behind the Iron Curtain, and in the 20 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, design and artistic expression have blossomed giving Russian web design a look all its own.

And because web design’s nature brings artists from around the world together in one place, western designers have been getting a taste of what’s been evolving in the east. Right now, the question that really deserves being asked is, who is influencing who? How heavily do Russian designers look to the west for inspiration, or is it western designers looking to the extremely different Russian design for ideas?

Your Orange County web design team think it’s exciting that there may be a new wave sweeping over the design world. Especially the fact that it’s coming from a part of the world that has been notoriously closed-off to the west for such a long time. Designing websites in Newport Beach is about as far from Moscow as we can get, so we’re looking forward to seeing how much influence these designers will have on the industry as a whole.

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