If you own a business or maintain a personal blog chances are you have a website. While designing, coding and uploading your site make up the initial process of web development, maintaining your site is an entirely new venture in itself. You may have specific goals for you site: a target number of hits each day, a sales value for your e-commerce shopping cart etc. Whatever that goal may be, the maintenance of the site is crucial to its success. Visual Swirl has compiled a list of tools to help determine your site’s “Rockstar Status” or in other words, tracking tools that can help you achieve the results you want to see.

Check out the short list of web tools:
1. Alexa: This tool collects information from users who’ve installed the Alexa toolbar. It allows you to track and search your web traffic.
2. Compete: Compare several sites across a variety of metrics.
3. Yahoo Site Explorer: This tells you how many pages are indexed by yahoo and who is linking to your site.
4. Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Tools: An Urban Geko fav! This tool allows you to see how your site ranks for various search items as well as minute details such as how long users spend on each page.

5. Search Status: For your Firefox toolbar, this tool allows you to view statistics for any site you’re browsing. Great for checking the credibility of other sites!
6. Technorati: A ranking specifically for bloggers!
7. Twitter Counter: This will give you your twitter ranking and how many followers you currently and potentially have.
8. Feed Compare: Compare your RSS Feed with up to 3 other sites and measure it over a period of time- useful for finding areas of improvement!
9. Ego: For those iPhone users that are addicted to tracking their sites, this tool integrates Google, Mint, Twitter etc. into one nicely packaged app for you.
10. Website Outlook & Price of Web: These sites give you an evaluation of your sites popularity as well as an “estimate” for the value of your site!

Use these tools to help maintain your site, but remember to never compromise the integrity of great website design!

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