Two important aspects of web design in the flow in design are the kind of motion which is conveyed by the layout and the media used. This is usually called as the visual flow also defined as the way the several elements in a design are balanced so that one is prominent over all the others and no other element can overshadow. A lot of web designers use arrows to describe this flow but it can sometimes be misused and is way too obvious. Visual flow can be achieved in a number of ways.

If you are using media such as photos, adding sequential images or text elements can suggest visual flow. Sometimes you can also use animation to show movement. Some web designers use the sizes of object surrounding another object in directing human eyes to the focus of the website.

If you are using a photo featuring people, always make sure that the eyes in the photo face the content. Many eye tracking studies have shown that readers see the face on websites and they unconsciously follow the direction of the eyes to see what the picture is “looking at”. If you have ads, the best place to put it is right where the photo is looking at.

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