Author of What Did I Do Wrong?, Liz Pryor’s new website, designed by Urban Geko, is a sanctuary for everything related to the often complicated and funny goings-on of everyday life. Acting as a public forum for anyone to chime in and share their experiences, offers members the opportunity to join in a community-wide conversation about anything and everything.

With features like Liz’s Daily Life Video Rant and Liz’s Lounge, members can catch glimpses into Liz’s own life and share experiences of their own with other members. Fully integrated with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, is a personalized extension of today’s social networking sites. The design team at Urban Geko took great care during the developmental stages of the site to ensure a highly functional, yet user friendly interface. The result is a site that’s easy to navigate and fun to get involved with.

Join the many conversations or start your own at From parenthood to friendships and everything in between, it’s all fair game. Liz is constantly adding new content, so check back often!

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