Typography: Choosing the Right Typeface

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Typography: Choosing the Right Typeface

Typography: Choosing the Right Typeface 870 350 Urban Geko Design

When you look at a design it’s easy to tell right away if it looks good, but can you point out the elements in the design that make it look so good? With our love for design and expertise we know that typography is one of the most important element within design. Good typography communicates to the viewer effectively and efficiently. If you choose a typeface that does not fit what you are trying to get across, consider your design useless.

There are so many typefaces to choose from that picking one can be very overwhelming, unless you understand type like we do at Urban Geko. The first question you should ask yourself is what are you trying to say in your design. You want your typeface to be appropriate to the message so that the viewer can visually see what you are typing. Think about the mood of your piece or the emotional response you want them to feel.

Another element when deciding on a typeface is to consider whom your audience is and whether or not that typeface will be appropriate. If you were designing a piece for a corporate professional company you would most likely not use the same typeface in a piece for a local rock band.

When deciding on a font to use, experiment with a few different typefaces but remember to keep it simple and do not overwhelm your viewer. Rule of thumb is do not to use too many typefaces together. It is best to stick with one font family. We encourage you to look at our portfolio and see how your award winning Orange County Graphic Design firm incorporates great typography into our designs.