How to Choose a Typeface

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How to Choose a Typeface

How to Choose a Typeface 632 1000 Urban Geko Design

Choosing the right typeface for your design can impact the overall look and feel of your piece. There are so many elements to consider that at times it can be overwhelming. Do not worry because the Urban Geko team has found some great examples and put together a few tips on how to choose the perfect typeface for your design.


Determine the medium on which you are using for your design. What looks good in print does not always look the best on a computer screen. For example, if you are designing for the web, you want to make sure you use a web-friendly font.


Different typefaces have different purposes so it is important to determine what it is that you want your type to do or say. Make sure to use a font that fits the audience you are trying to reach.


The type you use needs to be easy to read. Increasing the leading, or space between lines is an easy way to help readability. Another way to help is to increase the tracking, or space between a group of letters. You also want to consider the font color. It is best to use contrasting colors to make the font stand out from the background.

Narrow your selection

You can spend hours going back and forth between hundreds of fonts, but if you narrow your selection you will save yourself lots of time.

Limit the number of typefaces

An important rule of thumb is remember is not use more than two typefaces. If you have to use more than one typeface, it is best to use one serif and one san-serif. Adding too many typefaces can make your design look cluttered and disorganized.