Working with big companies as a web designer has lots of benefits. First, you get referrals for doing a great job and if those referrals are happy with your work, you get even more referrals. This is basically a dream for many web designers – to get paid doing the things that they are good at and being appreciated for it. Unfortunately, getting hired by giant corporations is not so easy. First, you need to have superior skills in order to get noticed. There are a lot of designers who are good with their imagination but cannot express it in their work. On the other hand, there are designers who know the ins and outs of design software but have no creativity to start with.

So, how do you improve your web design skills? There are actually a number of ways. The KISS principle is one of the most widely used technique in the web 2.0 arena. If you can keep the design as simple as possible, then you can be sure that you’re on the right track.

Ever heard of the phrase “Good artists copy, great artists steal”? The two people who were documented saying these words are two of the world’s richest men – Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. You don’t need a major breakthrough just to be known in the design world. What you need is a good grasp of the basics, the ability to manipulate and change elements so that you can make them uniquely yours.

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