Many web designers consider Flash animation as an integral part of web advertising. Through Flash, it is now easy to create attractive banners with a targeted message – advertising has never been as visually compelling as it is today.

Two of the major factors that web owners consider in deciding whether to employ Flash or not in their web design are file size and search engine optimization. There are a couple of businesses online which used Flash and found that it wasn’t working for them. A lot of them had flash animation which were poorly designed and were sluggish and slow in pulling up. This is possibly because the Flash designer didn’t take the time to optimize the website Flash before finishing the work. We all know that internet users today do not wait more than 5 seconds for a website to show and if your Flash-driven page takes too much time to pull up, there will be a higher bounce and conversion rate.

Although Google and other search engines have already started indexing the embedded flash content on a site, there is still a long way to go before Flash sites can become SEO friendly. Fortunately, there are already a couple of professional web designers who have found a way to tag a Flash file so that search engines can find it. Also, the use of non vector fonts can help optimize Flash content.

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