In honor of the “recently concluded” Halloween, we’re going to talk about scary websites. Nope I’m not talking about content – I actually meant web designs which can be considered as the “Worst of the Web”. Instead of making people come back, they actually scare people away.

You need to understand that web designs are not meant to be scary – yes, even when it’s Halloween. Your site’s design should actually get your readers in the mood stay in your site. Therefore, it’s important that you keep in mind these common boo-boos and avoid losing visitors.

1. Unless you are a professional web designer, using black as background for white (or light) text color is not a good technique. In most cases it doesn’t work well, and can even look pretentious.

2. The use of black background for dark text is a definite no-no. It is difficult to read! Some of your readers might try to highlight the page, but a lot are not that patient.

3. Busy tiled background images are popular with new web designers these and very few of who use this design realize that it makes the page illegible. These also add to the download time, so unless you have a very good picture (or reason) to tile, don’t do it!

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