Before any logo is created, there are several questions that a logo design company will need to answer. Some of the most basic questions are: “who is the client?”, “who is the audience?” and “what is needed?” Every design teacher reiterates: the problem should dictate the solution, rather than imposing an idea into a problem. A logo should organically provide the answers to these questions. All too often, logo design companies ignore this because it can be interpreted to mean that a designer’s vision will be sublimated in order to obediently follow the client. While this may be true to some extent, it also means that information must be gathered in order for a creative work to be created – all in the control of the designer.

Who is the client? This question basically tried to determine the company’s values, goals and attitudes. By knowing what these are, a designer can very easily create a logo which communicates these to their intended audience. Who are the audience? Is the company manufacturing products for athletic women or young professionals? Who makes the final decision in approving this logo? The logo you will be designing needs to appeal to all these people in order for it to work.

You will also need to consider your client’s long term plan and whether the logo you are going to create will be timeless – will it still deliver the same message after 10 years?

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