As a web designer, you goal is to convey messages to your site visitors in an efficient and effective manner. No matter how much you’ve learned about designing, only one thing is certain – simplicity is still the best. This is even truer when it comes to a small business website. While interactive graphics can help you win web design awards, it won’t probably win you customers. As a matter of fact, it is the more complicated designs which have greater risks when it comes to delivering messages. In most cases fancy bells and whistles are best avoided.

For most small businesses, a four or five elegantly designed website is enough to get the job done. Also, these sites are much cheaper compared to sites which have classy multimedia playing. If your goal is to improve sales, then pay attention to these guidelines for a more effective ecommerce site.

1. Make your website easy to understand. In order for you to get leads, you need to ensure that your site is consumer and reader friendly. So, make sure you use short sentences and paragraphs; you can also use dark text on light background. At present, a lot of white space is a norm.

2. Make your site easy to navigate. Put a search bar or a table of contents (index) if you can. Check for broken links and fix them and you can even use lists for better navigation!

3. Make sure your site loads quickly. Sometimes, flash animation does not add value to a website. Ensure that all elements have a purpose; if not better remove them so as to reduce the clutter.

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