Color is a basic element of design but very few web designers realize that it is not a required element. A lot of great designs are done only with a touch of one color, the most famous of which is black and white.

Color in web design can be used in a number of ways: in backgrounds, text and foregrounds, images and accents. It is very easy to add to websites but and if you are new to CSS and webdesign, there are three style properties where you can add color”

• Color: for the font and text of the foreground
• Background-color: to change the color of the background element
• Border-color: change the color of the borders around the elements

The most common use of color is found in images. Those images which have millions of varying colors are usually in a JPEG format while those with flat colors are in GIF. When used properly, colors can add interest and vitality in an otherwise dull page. Use color to breathe life to your site but it is easy to overdo so make sure you learn the different symbolisms of color, and use browser-safe colors to that everyone can enjoy the beauty you created.

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