Flash has been getting a bad rap lately. Once the (somewhat overused) darling of interactive website design, Flash has definitely suffered at the hand of mobile devices. It doesn’t function properly on a number of devices. And it’s not supported at all on Apple’s iPhones or iPads, and since Apple products make up a good portion of the mobile device marketshare… well, using Flash when designing new websites just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

But what if you have a website currently that uses Flash? Do you need to dump it and start over?

Our answer: Eventually.

It is true that within the next few years, mobile devices will overtake desktops as the primary way people access the Internet. (The latest report we’ve seen projects that this will happen before 2015.) So, you’ll definitely want to rid your site of Flash by then so that it can be viewed properly regardless of the platform. In the meantime, how quickly you remove/replace Flash elements on your website depends on your audience.

If you don’t get much mobile traffic to your site currently (check your analytics to find out), there’s not a huge need to update away from Flash. If, however, you are getting a fair amount of mobile traffic (or if you’re working on increasing mobile traffic), you’ll want to move more quickly.

If you’re ready to upgrade, HTML5 is the way to go. HTML5 improves the HTML language by (in part) making it universal across browsers and devices (smartphones, tablets, desktops). HTML5 is new enough, however, that many designers at Newport Beach web design firms don’t yet have experience with it. So before you begin, make sure you are working with an experienced Newport Beach web design company that can provide the best web design southern California has to offer – including HTML5 experience.

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